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Box Trolleys

At Steely Products, we manufacture and supply high-quality tubular steel box trolleys. This is just one example of why many UK businesses rely on us to provide strong and reliable material handling equipment.

Busy warehouses need trolleys to pick items. For smaller products, a box trolley is ideal for transporting boxed goods to and from warehouse shelves.

Purple trolley with boxes

The Steely purple trolley comes with 20 convenient boxes and is a practical way to organise and transport small items.

Constructed using strong tubular steel, it has four strong casters to make it easy to push. This model includes a holder to keep paperwork, and is designed to be easy to navigate between aisles.

Steely box trolleys

There are a number of trolleys in the Steely trolley range that are suitable for carrying boxes of all sizes.

Trolleys come in a variety of sizes suitable for different aisle widths. Some even have built-in ladders to make it easier to reach items from high shelves.

A Steely trolley can be used to pick items then act as a packing station to box goods ready for dispatch.

The tubular steel used in all Steely trolleys is strong and built to last, but the castors make it easy for workers to move the trolleys around storage areas.

Bespoke box trolleys

Steely Products is the UK’s leading manufacturer of material handling equipment, but if our standard range of box trolleys is not ideal for the efficient organisation of you storage needs, allow us to design and make a box trolley to your own specifications.

Simply sketch out an idea, or tell us about what you want, and our skilled engineers and metalworkers will produce a prototype for you. It doesn’t matter if you need large numbers of box trolleys, or just one or two – a bespoke design can be created.

Why Steely?

As a family-run, Manchester-based manufacturer of tubular steel handling products, we have been manufacturing steel items since 1970. Over that time, Steely Products has gained a reputation for producing quality products that meet the demanding requirements of our customers. All our box trolleys are strong and built to last for many years of trouble-free service in busy work environments.

We prefer to deal with the “end user” rather than use distributors or wholesalers. This means all Steely box trolleys are economically priced and can be quickly sourced.

Steely-made products are designed in partnership with our customers. We can visit your workplace to assess your material handling needs. We then recommend the best material handling equipment suitable for your individual situation. Our aim is to increase the efficiency and organisation of your material handling systems with our innovative work aids.

As we control the manufacturing process, we can provide quick lead times and reliable delivery dates for all orders.

Time and time again, Steely Products is a name relied upon by businesses to provide solutions to their material handling issues, always meeting our customers’ high expectations.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help your business handle its materials with box trolleys and other useful products.

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