Benefits of buying equipment direct from a manufacturer

Material handling and storage equipment is available from a number of suppliers. There are several advantages, however, of buying direct from (more…)

Why are casters used on warehouse trolleys?

Steely Products manufactures trolleys that use premium quality swivel casters to make them easy to pull, push and steer. A trolley carrying heavy loads needs strong casters that (more…)

What is collaborative design?

At Steely Products, we believe that great design is a collaborative process between the end-user and our design engineers. This process produces warehouse storage and handling equipment that works well and is (more…)

Why use a British manufacturer of warehouse equipment?

Steely Products is a Manchester-based manufacturer of material handling and storage equipment for warehouses, retailers and manufacturers. All our equipment is made inhouse without outsourcing to other companies. There are many benefits of using a Britain-based manufacturer for your warehouse equipment, and we have (more…)

How a warehouse racks manufacturer helps storage reorganisation

When business conditions change, warehouses face the challenge of finding the best way to reorganise their racking system to accommodate more inventory or create social distancing arrangements. A warehouse racks manufacturer will (more…)

Steelmaker given €75m loan for low-carbon steelmaking

ArcelorMittal,the world’s largest steelmaker, has received a €75m (approximately £68m) loan towards two projects in Belgium that are developing technologies to produce steel with fewer carbon emissions.

Many industries rely on (more…)

How a warehouse storage racks manufacturer helps deal with peak demand

There are times when warehouses that handle online orders have a peak demand and require extra storage racks to hold more stock.

Extra sales occur at (more…)

Five qualities you should expect from a warehouse rack manufacturer

Any business that stores a large number of items needs strong and reliable racks made by a reputable warehouse rack manufacturer.

You should expect your (more…)

Keeping storage rack production in pace with extra demand

The use of warehouse storage space has increased dramatically over the last year or two and this has put pressure on storage rack manufacturers to (more…)

How a frame trolley manufacturer can keep your workers safe

Frame trolleys are necessary to safely store and move large sheets of glass or metal. Large window manufacturers such as Safetstyle and Everest move thousands of (more…)

Designing storage trolleys for humans and goods

Storage trolleys are used by many companies to store and move goods. The most common form of storage trolley is the flatbed trolley, which is versatile and suitable for many types of goods. However, there is no single trolley (more…)

How British-made furniture trolleys help support the country’s manufacturers

Although many items used in business and the home are manufactured in China or Asia, you can still find furniture and furniture trolleys made in the UK.

The British Furniture Manufacturers Organisation has (more…)

How a storage trolleys manufacturer helps keep storage areas organised

Storage trolleys are essential equipment for storage areas and warehouses, and choosing the best is important to make efficient use of (more…)

Storage rack production – keeping pace with the online boom

Many new warehouses are being built to cope with the rapid demand in online sales. Storage rack production has increased to provide the (more…)

Questions to ask your truck and trolley manufacturer

Busy warehouses need durable and reliable trolleys and trucks to move goods to the shelves and carry items that have been ordered. There are (more…)

UK steel industry may grow after Brexit, says manufacturer

Heinz-Juergen Buechner, managing director for automotive and industries at IKB Deutsche Industriebank, has said that if Britain leaves the (more…)

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