How a storage trolleys manufacturer helps keep storage areas organised

Storage trolleys are essential equipment for storage areas and warehouses, and choosing the best is important to make efficient use of (more…)

Storage rack production – keeping pace with the online boom

Many new warehouses are being built to cope with the rapid demand in online sales. Storage rack production has increased to provide the (more…)

Questions to ask your truck and trolley manufacturer

Busy warehouses need durable and reliable trolleys and trucks to move goods to the shelves and carry items that have been ordered. There are (more…)

UK steel industry may grow after Brexit, says manufacturer

Heinz-Juergen Buechner, managing director for automotive and industries at IKB Deutsche Industriebank, has said that if Britain leaves the (more…)

Demand for warehouse trolleys expected to grow

New research on the material handling market has found that the demand for manual handling equipment, such as warehouse trolleys, is expected to grow during the next seven years. (more…)

How a storage rack supplier benefits your business

A common need among businesses is an area to store items. This can range from a small office supply room to a huge warehouse that (more…)

You can rely on your warehouse equipment manufacturer

If you are planning to open a new warehouse or extending your existing one, you can rely on a warehouse equipment manufacturer to (more…)

The versatility of a trolley manufacturer

A trolley manufacturer is versatile because of the large number of different types of trolleys it can make.

Businesses that (more…)

What you need from a storage rack manufacturer

There are several things you require from a storage rack manufacturer to make the storage of items organised and efficient.

You need (more…)

Get bespoke furniture trolleys from British manufacturers

Furniture manufacturers and retailers such as John Lewis, Furniture Village and Oak Furniture Land need a wide range of furniture trolleys to (more…)

Storage trolleys manufacturers help you design your warehouse

If you are designing a new warehouse or reorganising an existing one, your storage trolleys supplier can help. (more…)

Innovations add features to storage trolleys

Storage trolleys may be simple technology, but over the years there have been new innovations that add more features to this humble appliance.

A basic trolley is (more…)

Your storage racks manufacturer can help you organise your warehouse

Racks supplied by a storage racks manufacturer can help you organise your warehouse to increase productivity, reduce accidents and make your business more efficient. If you are planning a new warehouse or refitting an existing one, there are a (more…)

Heavy duty trolley production needs to keep up with demand

According to logistics experts, the demand for warehouses will exceed supply by 2020. Every new warehouse needs shelving and manual handling equipment. Warehouse equipment manufacturers need to keep up with the high demand for (more…)

Reducing carbon emissions in the steel industry

Bellona, a non-profit organisation that looks at ways of tackling climate change, has urged the steel industry to reduce carbon emissions through a policy of reducing, replacing and reinventing.


Garment rails manufacturers help with fluctuating demand

A constant challenge for clothing manufacturers such as Joules, Crewe, and Next is fluctuating demand. Garment rails manufacturers provide the storage solutions that deal with fluctuating demand.

The challenge

Future demand can be estimated by studying past demand, but estimating is an inexact science. There is no guarantee that the fluctuating demand patterns last year will repeat themselves. Generally, they will be similar, but anomalies occur. These could be weather related – for example, a hot summer this year compared to a cool one last year will result in demand for different types of clothes.

Fluctuating demand is a logistics challenge. If there is too much stock, much will be left unsold at the end of a season. Too little, on the other hand, and the business will be unable to meet customer demand.

When there is high demand, a lot of garment rails are needed, and fewer at slack periods. The challenge is not just about the number of rails, but the need for different types of rails. Large formal dresses, for example, requires more heavy duty garment rails with tubular steel extensions that prevent the dresses from colliding with objects when moving. Tops and skirts can be hung on rails with more than one level to maximise space. Split level rails store mixed length garments.

If demand exceeds expectations, there may not be enough storage space in the warehouse.

The solutions

There are solutions to deal with the need for extra storage space. Sometimes, a garment company will rent space in a large warehouse that several companies use with the option of renting more space if demand increases. To be flexible, they need garment rails that easily store together when they are not being used.

Collapsible garment rails that can be dismantled are another solution. The best type does not need tools to assemble and dismantle.

A larger warehouse can be bought or rented. A mezzanine floor is a solution to utilise the full height of an existing warehouse.

IT infrastructure that administers orders can be migrated to the cloud on a ‘pay as you go’ tariff so that a company only stores the data it needs according to the level of business. Cloud-based software can order extra garment rails when sales spikes occur.

The garment industry will probably always be a business with fluctuating demand, but with careful planning and the help of garment rails manufacturers, companies can deal with these inevitable ups and downs.

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