How important is the right type of tubular steel in manufacturing?

A quality warehouse equipment manufacturer makes racks, trolleys and tables from tubular steel which is both lightweight and strong. There are many different grades and qualities of tubular steel, so how does a (more…)

Designing bespoke storage trolleys

Storage trolleys are used for both storing and moving items in warehouses and storerooms. Storage trolley manufacturers make a wide variety of storage trolleys for different uses, but sometimes a standard trolley is not (more…)

British Steel collapse fears eased by investment

British Steel has been saved from possible collapse, despite the government saying no to providing bailout funds.

Company owners and (more…)

How technology is making steel production more environmentally friendly

Making steel requires large amounts of energy and heat and creates polluting waste products, but new technology is making steel production more efficient and (more…)

Virtual factory develops new types of steel alloys

A partnership between Swansea University, Warwick University, WMG and Tata Steel is using virtual factories to discover ways to develop new steel alloys.

Steel is a (more…)

The versatility of tubular steel

Almost every industry has a use for tubular steel, which makes it one of the most versatile materials available. For many applications, there is no alternative material that has the same combination of lightweight and (more…)

Are their alternatives to steel for making trolleys?

Many businesses rely on trolleys made from steel to manually move items, but can steel be replaced by other materials? (more…)

New technology developed in tubular steel manufacture

New plastic and steel hybrid technology called hollow-profile hybrid (HPH) has been developed that claims to be higher-performing than traditional (more…)

Why tubular steel is ideal for manual handling and storage equipment

Tubular steel is a versatile product that is ideal for making custom-designed manual handling and storage equipment. (more…)

Are there alternatives to welding?

To join tubular steel to make strong manual handling and storage equipment, skilled metalworkers weld tubular steel lengths to form strong joints, but is this the (more…)

Exploring the full potential of tubular steel

Tubular steel has many functions. It is practical, lightweight and strong, which makes it ideal for material handling and storage equipment such as trolleys and warehouse shelving. It can also look decorative and be (more…)

Reopened Scottish steel plant leads fightback for British steel

The newly opened Liberty Steel Dalzell in Motherwell, Scotland is determined to gain its share of the steel market in the UK.

There is a (more…)

How technology has increased the versatility of tubular steel

Tubular steel has been around since the 1920s. It is a versatile material that is ideally suited for making material handling and storage equipment. It is lightweight and strong and can be easily shaped and welded to (more…)

Can I have custom designed clothes rails?

Steely Products manufactures and supplies a wide selection of clothes rails for the garment industry. Sometimes, a client finds that none of the standard clothes rails exactly matches their needs. This is when they require a (more…)

Moving towards more environmentally friendly steel

Tubular steel is used to manufacture material handling and storage equipment, since it is a strong lightweight material and is sustainable. After equipment fabricated from tubular steel comes to the end of its life, the (more…)

Why tubular steel is better than plastic for handling equipment

Tubular steel is a versatile material that can be used to construct material storage and handling equipment such as tables, trolleys, racks and garment rails. An alternative material is plastic, but there are several reasons why (more…)

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