How to organise a packing station with sortation tables

Sortation tables are the heart of a packing station, and they are where items are sorted, packed and sent out for dispatch.

It is vital that (more…)

Spend more money to reduce your picking and packing costs

The above title may seem like an illogical statement, but an explanation will make sense of the concept.

The goal of picking and (more…)

Creating the best picking and packing system

It is vital for a business that processes many orders each day to have the best picking and packing system. This means finding the best equipment, as well as a logistics system to handle orders. (more…)

Reusable boxes could replace cardboard ones

Most goods are packed for delivery in cardboard boxes that are not used again after being received, but American packing manufacture Menasha has developed a range of reusable boxes that are designed to be used up to (more…)

A guide to designing your own picking trolley

A picking and packing trolley is simple technology. It has wheels to easily move it, and a platform or shelves to carry items. There are wide variations in trolley options available so that thousands of different picking trolleys can (more…)

The many ways to organise efficient picking and packing systems

Picking and packing are essential processes in warehouses where goods are picked from shelves then moved to packing tables for dispatch. There are several ways to organise a picking and (more…)

Report highlights how IoT can save logistics costs

A report titled ‘IoT in Logistics: Technologies and Usages Cases’ by analytics company GlobalData, looks at the growth of IoT and how it can help reduce warehouse and distribution costs.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is (more…)

Light and voice picking reduces picking and packing times

The warehouses of the future may have no human workers, with robots instead picking, packing and delivering goods. For most small to medium sized warehouses, this will not happen soon, but there is technology available now that can (more…)

Can I buy packing trolleys built to order?

In busy warehouses, packing trolleys are essential equipment. Trolleys come in many sizes and designs, but sometimes a business needs a custom trolley built to (more…)

Creating a bespoke packing station

A lot of businesses with a packing area use standard packing tables, but sometimes standard equipment is not the best. This is when you need a (more…)

Six steps to designing the perfect packing table station

A tubular steel packing table is simple and straightforward technology, but not just any table is suitable. Picking and packing operations vary, even within the same warehouse that has different packing areas. To (more…)

Counting the cost of picking innovations

The ever-changing world of e-commerce has resulted in some incredible innovations for order picking, delivering increasingly fast solutions for rising consumer demand. The days of batch picking for retail outlets is steadily being replaced with single order picking for the home delivery market, and warehouses and distribution centres are constantly looking for ways to improve (more…)

Making the most of the packing station

The phenomenal growth of e-commerce has had a dramatic effect on how warehouses and distribution centres handle fulfilment of customer orders. As little as 10 years ago, using adjustable packing tables was thought to be an innovative solution for comfortable packing, today ergonomically designed packing stations have been designed to offer (more…)

Packaging solutions to stay within budget

Keeping within budget is one of the main headaches of most businesses, and warehouses, distribution centres and manufacturers are no exception. Controlling operating costs and departmental budgets can have a big impact (more…)

The growth of e-business and the impact on warehousing

There is no doubt that the e-business marketplace has had a big impact on the future of warehousing. With online e-commerce taking a larger market share, warehousing businesses have to adapt to keep up with the growing trend. Online retail giants like Amazon and Ocado are investing heavily in (more…)

New packaging solution launched

A UK manufacturer of packaging solutions, Easypack Limited, has launched an environmentally-friendly solution for (more…)

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