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Clothes are items that must be looked after carefully at all times. There is the risk that they can be torn, stained or creased if they are not handled in the appropriate way. Using proper clothing and garment rails for hanging clothes of all different sizes will ensure that this does not happen – whether they are in storage at a warehouse or being put on display for customers in a retail setting.

These rails need to have a number of features built into them if they are to meet the needs of most shops or warehouses though. Firstly, they must be made of a sturdy and durable material. That is why all of the garment and clothing rails we manufacture and sell are welded together from powder coated tubular steel parts.

Secondly, they should be easy for people to move from one place to another, whether they are empty or not. For that reason, we fit all of our rails with castors made out of hard rubber, ensuring that even a rail stacked with clothes can be transported to different areas of a warehouse or store with minimal time and effort.

The third key feature that rails of this sort must have is the ability to hang clothes of varying shapes and sizes. We manufacture rails that are designed to hang garments of differing lengths and rails that are intended to accommodate clothes of one length. Some information about the various types of tubular steel rail that we offer can be seen below.

ST01 HD Single Tier rail

This is the most basic model of garment rail, offering a single steel frame with four castors fitted to the feet. Its simplicity means that clothes of different sizes and shapes can be hung on it with no trouble, making it suitable both for warehouses and shops.

ST01 HD Two Tier rail

This rail comes with the same steel frame as the single tier model, but also has a middle tier built onto the frame that can be moved to different heights. That makes it better for hanging shorter garments than the single tier one, but ensures it still works as well as that model for longer garments.

ST11 Z-Style rail

This sizeable steel rail is ideal for the storage and transport of clothes in warehouses and shops. In addition to the four castors, it is fitted with shoulder-style handles that can be gripped by workers when they are moving it from one area to another.

ST03 –Tall Archive rail

Designed for the hanging of long garments like dresses for display in shops, this rail comes with an adjustable middle bar to ensure even full-length gowns and dresses do not get creased and can be shown off to full effect.

ST04 Split Level rail

This is one of the rails we manufacture that allow shops and warehouses to hang long and short garments alongside each other. Its curved hanging rail is at two different levels, so longer clothes can be hung at one side and shorter garments at the other.

Why Steely Products?

As you can see, we have a variety of rails available for different types of garments. However, we are also able and willing to make ones customised to the needs of your business if you cannot find anything suitable among our existing models.

We are based in Manchester, from where everything from rail design to manufacture is carried out. We can send someone to your warehouse or store to evaluate your needs and design clothing and garment rails to suit your specifications. Then, our qualified metalworkers will build them. Speak to Steely Products today for information or to place your order.

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