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Customers that buy online expect a speedy and efficient service. Steely Products sells a variety of eCommerce tables suitable for quickly processing online orders.

Every year people spend billions of pounds on eCommerce orders in the UK. If your company is not selling online then you could be missing out on business.

Choosing the right table

In a busy warehouse, it is essential that tables used to process eCommerce orders are built to last. Steely Products tables are made of strong tubular steel and have sturdy wooden tops. They are designed to hold heavy loads and should provide many years of trouble-free service.

Steely eCommerce tables come in a variety of sizes that are suitable for varied types of operations.

Bespoke size

There is a Steely Products eCommerce table to suit most situations, but if one of our stock sizes does not meet your requirements, we can construct a table to your exact specifications.

We come out to your business premises to see first hand what you require from an eCommerce table. We will be happy to design and construct purpose built eCommerce tables especially for your business.

It does not take Steely Products long to build a prototype eCommerce table to your design. We are happy to build bespoke eCommerce tables in small or large numbers.


A trolley may be useful for your eCommerce operation, especially if you do not process large numbers of eCommerce orders each day. Using a Steely Products trolley you can pick and pack items from your warehouse shelving. Steely Products trolleys, like the eCommerce tables, are made from strong tubular steel with strong castors that make them easy to move items around the warehouse.

Steely Products trolleys come in a variety of sizes and can be supplied with containers of various sizes suitable for many different items.

Why Steely Products?

Steely Products is a family run business founded in 1970. All Steely Products eCommerce tables are manufactured at our own Manchester workshop. We employ a team of expert skilled metalworkers to make our quality tables.

Because we manufacture our own products, prices are good, lead times are short and quoted delivery times are reliable.

Steely Products prefers to sell directly to the end user rather than use wholesalers and distributors. We love talking to our customers and listen to their ideas and suggestions for product improvements. In this way, our product designs are directly influenced by the needs of our customers.

Steely Products eCommerce tables are value for money and built to last in a busy work environment. Steely Products specialises in material storage and handling products suitable for a variety of business environments.

Talk to Steely Products

Contact Steely Products today to discuss how we can help your organisation with eCommerce tables and other equipment that can contribute to the efficiency of your eCommerce business.

Online customers expect their orders to be packed and dispatched quickly. Steely Products eCommerce tables can help your business achieve a fast and profitable eCommerce service.

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