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Frequently Asked Questions

Our most frequently asked questions are below but if you need ask more, please use our contact form.

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Do Steely have sales reps on the road for visits?

Yes, we offer face-to-face consultation visits.

Is Steely willing to produce prototypes for assessment?

Yes, we appreciate customers wish to assess quality and benefits of designs. Prototypes are normally for bespoke products.

What is your lead time?

Our Lead time can vary – Normally 3-4 Weeks.

Does Steely have a MOQ?

Yes, we have a MOQ on certain products – call for details.

Can Steely manufacture bespoke products?

Yes, Steely can produce bespoke, we understand that to increase efficiency in some situations a solution must be bespoke. Bespoke orders normally have a MOQ of 5 Units.

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