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Steely Products is the leading frame trolley manufacturer. Our trolleys are manufactured from quality tubular steel and are designed for many years of heavy use.

All trolleys are purpose built in our Manchester factory by expert metalworkers and have strong casters to make them easy to move heavy objects around the workspace.

Picking trolleys

Our picking trolleys are designed to increase the efficiency and organisation of your business. They can be fitted with a variety of containers suitable for a wide range of items. Open ended boxes are ideal for small items, or for larger items, plastic baskets may be more suitable.

The Steely Products Purple Trolley includes attached steps to make it easy to reach high items. Wire paper holders can be added to picking trolleys to hold the paperwork for orders.

Specialist trolleys

Steely Products manufactures a range of specialist trolleys that can handle large or oddly shaped items.

The HD Tabletop Trolley is especially useful for the furniture trade, making it easy to transport large table tops or other large flat items. Steely also supply a number of other trolleys especially designed for the furniture industry – mattress trolleys, door trolleys, bed trolleys and chair trolleys. The Headboard Trolley has been specially designed to safely transport headboards.

Trolleys with two steel rail sides are particularly suitable for carrying large items that could fall over on trolleys without sides. Cushion set trolleys are built to hold and move large amounts of cushions, whereas inclined sack trolleys can transport sacks or tall boxes without strain. As well as this, the Glass Trolley is ideal for transporting large glass panes or sheets. Our Middle Duty Horizontal Cut Profile Trolleys are designed to carry long lengths around the workspace.

Bespoke solutions

Although Steely Products has a wide range of specialist trolleys, it could be that your material handling tasks require a unique trolley design.

Most of Steely Products’ trolleys can be resized to fit your needs for little extra cost.

If you want a particular design feature added, talk to one of our experts who can visit your work premises to see first-hand the material handling processes that you employ. Discuss your ideas for a bespoke trolley or make a rough sketch. Together, we will come up with a design and manufacture a prototype. Once you are happy with this, we can manufacture your bespoke solution whether you need a small number of them or a large number.

Why should you choose Steely?

Steely Products is a Manchester-based frame trolley manufacturer that has been making material handling equipment since 1970. We are a family run business that prefers to deal with the end user, rather than use third party wholesalers and distributors. This provides our customers with several advantages. We can keep costs down, lead times short and provide accurate delivery dates.

Steely Products develops unique trolley designs after listening to users and what they need to keep their workspaces organised and efficient. All our trolleys are designed to work efficiently to provide many years of use.

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