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Fully Welded Rails

Steely Products manufactures and supplies fully welded rails at our Manchester-based factory.

Steely Products fully welded rails are constructed from sturdy tubular steel that is designed to last for many years of heavy use. Our rails are especially useful for the garment trade who want to safely store and transport garments.

Choosing fully welded rails

When it comes to fully welded rails for the garment industry, there is no “one size fits all”. This is why businesses need to carefully analyse their operations and buy the rail that fits the work it needs to do. If a standard Steely Products garment rail is not quite right for you, we can design and manufacture one to your exact specifications.

You may want to be able to store and transport garments of various sizes, in which case a garment rail with an adjustable third tier rail can adapt to a mix of garment sizes.

Sometimes rails are needed on a temporary basis. The Easi-store range consists of fully welded rails that are designed to pack together when out of use to save space.

Many garment trade organisations prefer rails with casters so that they can be used for both storage and transportation. The sturdy casters that Steely Products uses are designed to make pulling or pushing rails easy. For extra help for large loads, shoulder attachments mean that rails can be moved easier. Shoulders also protect clothes during transportation. Steely garment covers add extra protection during storage and transportation.

If garments need to be transported between sites and there is no regular access to a large van, then use Steely exhibition rails that can be dismantled and easily reassembled again without the need to use tools.

Bespoke rails

Steely Products manufacture a wide range fully welded rails that will meet the needs of most users, but sometimes none of the standard range is quite what the user needs. In this case, a bespoke solution is the answer.

An expert designer from Steely Products will visit the user’s workplace to see first hand what job the rail needs to do. If the user already has a good idea of what they want then a simple sketch, or summary of the idea is enough for our designers to work with. If not, the designer will come up with the perfect solution.

After a prototype has been constructed, large or small numbers of rails can be manufactured and delivered quickly.

Why choose Steely Products?

Steely Products is a family based business, founded in 1970. We manufacture and supply fully welded rails as well as other material handling equipment.

We deal directly with end users to save them money. We offer a superior customer service, with short order times, reliable delivery dates, and competitive prices.

We regularly talk to our customers to find out their material handling needs and improve our design based on the suggestions that we receive.

Steely Products fully welded rails are designed to be efficient and provide many years of hard working service.

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