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Steely Products are the leading garment rail manufacturer. All Steely Products garment rails are designed in partnership with companies working in the garment industry to ensure that they are high quality products that stand the test of time.

Steely Products manufacturers garment rails using strong tubular steel and are built for many years of heavy use. Wheeled rails use sturdy casters and are easy to move by hand.

How Steely Products design their garment rails

Being both a garment rail manufacturer and supplier, Steely Products regularly talks to our end users to discuss their experience in using garment rails. Users often suggest improvements to our products. These discussions inform the design process.

The design of Steely Products garment rails is a partnership between Steely’s designers, our expert metalworkers, and, most importantly, our end users.

Finding the right garment rail

There are so many garment rail options, that it can seem difficult to choose one. The first principle of finding the best garment rail is to carefully analyze what it needs to do.

If the rail needs to be regularly moved, then casters are a must. If the rail is to be a fixed part of a warehouse or storeroom, then rails without casters are ideal for long-term storage.

The height of the garment rail is dictated by the garment length. Garments can range from small tops, to large full wedding dresses. In some situations, mixed size garments need to be stored and transported together. Garments rails with an extra adjustable tier rail are good solutions. The Z Rail has a continuous shaped rail that hangs short garments at one end, and large at the other.

A garment rail can be used for temporary storage, or occupy long-term retail space. For temporary storage, Steely Products manufacturers rails that can easily be disassembled when not in use, and put together again without needing tools. The Easi-store range of rails is designed to be packed together when not in use in order to save time.

Bespoke Solutions

Steely Products garment rails are suitable for a wide number of uses. Steely Products also designs and constructs bespoke rails for individual customers.

Any of the standard Steely products garment rails can be made in different sizes.

We can come to your premises to discuss your design needs and quickly create a design prototype rail. Bespoke garment rails can be manufactured in small or large quantities at competitive prices.

Choose Steely Products

Steely Products have been a garment rail manufacturer and material handling equipment manufacturer since 1970. We are a family run business that prefers to deal directly with our end users. This has several benefits:

Prices are kept low. Order times are short and delivery dates reliable. Customer service is excellent and we love talking to users about their experience of using our products.

All Steely Products garment rails are built to last from quality components. Our garment rails are designed to make your workplace more efficient and organised.

Contact Steely Products to discuss all your material handling equipment requirements.

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