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Heavy Duty Clothes Rails

Steely Products designs, manufactures and sells clothes rails for use in both warehousing and retail settings.

Every one of the rails we construct is made from tough steel parts that have been powder coated for extra strength. They are intended to last the businesses that purchase them for decades, even in situations where they are being utilised on a frequent basis.

Furthermore, alongside our standard range of rails, we also manufacture heavy duty clothing rails. These are even more durable and hard-wearing than the usual choices.

Selecting heavy duty clothes rails

There are certain scenarios in which rails that qualify as ‘heavy duty’ ones will make the smarter choice for your business.

If you run a warehouse or a retail outlet in which larger and bulkier items of clothing are stored and transported regularly, these are the rails that will be best equipped for the job. They are different from standard clothes rails in several key respects.

Notably, the frame of the rails will come with sides that are reinforced. That is to ensure that they are able to be loaded with large quantities of weighty clothes, such as coats, without bending or breaking under the strain.

Whether you are putting such items of clothing onto a rail to move them from one part of a warehouse or shop to another, or leaving them on the rail as part of a shopping display, they must be able to withstand the weight.

Heavy duty clothes rails also usually have shoulder handles fitted to them to make it easier for your staff to push them when they are packed with lots of items of clothing. In most cases, they will come with castors that have been manufactured out of a hard form of rubber. These should not buckle under the weight, and will make transportation less difficult.

Custom heavy duty clothes rails

We stock a considerable variety of heavy duty clothes rails.

They include ones with multiple tiers, like the ST03 HD 4-Tier Rail and the ST01 HD 2-Tier Rail.

These sorts of models allow clothes of differing lengths to be stored or displayed on different tiers. We also provide them with tiers that can be adjusted to various heights on the frame, so you can switch between hanging longer and shorter clothes on the rail as needed.

However, despite the range and flexibility of our clothes rail products, we also recognise that, sometimes, warehouses and shops have more specific needs. That is why we are willing to make any of our existing range to a personalised size, or produce an entirely new heavy duty clothes rail to meet your particular requirements.

Because the rails are designed and manufactured by us, sending a designer to visit your facility and assess your needs before creating a custom design is simple. The heavy duty rails are then welded together from tubular steel parts by experienced and qualified metalworkers.

Reasons to purchase from Steely Products

The ability to create heavy duty clothes rails that have been tailored to the size and shape of your storage or display space is one good reason.

Then there is the matter of our long-established industry reputation for excellence of design and manufacture. We have been supplying rails that can support the heaviest of clothing loads to shops and warehouses of all sizes for over five decades.

Through dealing directly with buyers, we are able to maintain highly competitive pricing and to deliver to our customers more quickly.

At Steely Products, we make heavy duty rails for all needs. Use the form below to place your order or contact us.

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