Heavy Duty Garment Rails

Steely Products manufactures and supplies heavy duty garment rails. All Steely Products garment rails are made using strong tubular steel. Mobile rails are easy to move using robust casters. The garment rails are built to last to provide many years of service in busy working environments.

Choosing the best heavy duty garment rails

Heavy duty garment rails need to safely store and transport large heavy loads. The first consideration is to choose a rail that uses strong steel that can carry large loads without bending or damage. Steely Products expert metalworkers make sure that they use strong tubular steel and expertly weld steel together so that there are no weak joints.

For extra large loads use a garment rail with attached shoulder pieces. This makes it easier to push and pull garment rails. It has the added advantage in that it will protect garments from damage whilst being moved. This can be particularly useful for fuller wedding or prom dresses.

Sometimes clothes of various sizes need to be transported or stored together. Tier rails have a third rail and can be adjusted to accommodate various size garments. Z Rails have a continuous rail that holds both short and long garments.

Fashion is a seasonal business, with more storage space needed at some times than others. The Easi-store range of garment rails pack away together to save space when not in use. Exhibition rails can be disassembled and easily assembled without the need for tools. Exhibition rails are especially useful for trade shows and exhibitions because they can be transported without needing a large van.

Steely Products heavy duty garment rails are suitable for both storage and retail areas.

Bespoke heavy duty garment rails

Any Steely Products Heavy Duty garment rail can be made to a non-standard size.

If a standard Steely Products garment rail is not suitable for your requirements, Steely Products can design and build a heavy duty garment rail to your specifications. We can come to your workplace to get a clear picture of what you need. If you already have a design idea in mind, a simple sketch or summary of what you need is enough to start designing a prototype heavy duty garment rail.

Steely Products manufactures both small and large quantities of bespoke garment rails.

The advantages of using Steely Products

Steely Products was founded in 1970 and is the leading manufacturer of heavy duty garment rails and other material handling equipment.

Steely Products do not use wholesalers or distributors, preferring to deal directly with the end user. By talking to users and how they use our products, we are able to improve them so that warehouses, storerooms and retail spaces are more efficiently organised.

Order times are short and delivery dates are reliable. By cutting out the wholesalers and distributors, our prices are kept competitive.

Steely Products is a family run Manchester based business whose motto is “designed to work, built to last”. Talk to us about all your material handling needs.

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