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Heavy Duty Garment Rails: A Guide

Steely Products manufactures and supplies heavy duty garment rails. All Steely Products garment rails are made using strong tubular steel. Mobile rails are easy to move using robust casters. The garment rails are built to last to provide many years of service in busy working environments.

Choosing the best heavy duty garment rails

Heavy duty garment rails need to safely store and transport large heavy loads. The first consideration is to choose a rail that uses strong steel that can carry large loads without bending or damage. Steely Products expert metalworkers make sure that they use strong tubular steel and expertly weld steel together so that there are no weak joints.

For extra large loads use a garment rail with attached shoulder pieces. This makes it easier to push and pull garment rails. It has the added advantage in that it will protect garments from damage whilst being moved. This can be particularly useful for fuller wedding or prom dresses.

Sometimes clothes of various sizes need to be transported or stored together. Tier rails have a third rail and can be adjusted to accommodate various size garments. Z Rails have a continuous rail that holds both short and long garments.

Fashion is a seasonal business, with more storage space needed at some times than others. The Easi-store range of garment rails pack away together to save space when not in use. Exhibition rails can be disassembled and easily assembled without the need for tools. Exhibition rails are especially useful for trade shows and exhibitions because they can be transported without needing a large van.

Steely Products heavy duty garment rails are suitable for both storage and retail areas.

Bespoke heavy duty garment rails

Any Steely Products Heavy Duty garment rail can be made to a non-standard size.

If a standard Steely Products garment rail is not suitable for your requirements, Steely Products can design and build a heavy duty garment rail to your specifications. We can come to your workplace to get a clear picture of what you need. If you already have a design idea in mind, a simple sketch or summary of what you need is enough to start designing a prototype heavy duty garment rail.

Steely Products manufactures both small and large quantities of bespoke garment rails.

The advantages of using Steely Products

Steely Products was founded in 1970 and is the leading manufacturer of heavy duty garment rails and other material handling equipment.

Steely Products do not use wholesalers or distributors, preferring to deal directly with the end user. By talking to users and how they use our products, we are able to improve them so that warehouses, storerooms and retail spaces are more efficiently organised.

Order times are short and delivery dates are reliable. By cutting out the wholesalers and distributors, our prices are kept competitive.

Features and benefits of heavy duty garment rails

It is important to understand that not every garment rail that is manufactured fits the description ‘heavy duty’. These are rails that are constructed specifically to be used for the storage and transportation of either larger and bulkier garments or sizeable quantities of garments.

This means that everything from the design of the rails to the materials used in the making of them is optimised to provide a durable and hard-wearing solution. That is why at Steely Products, we deploy hard metals in the construction of all of our heavy-duty garment rails.
Let us take a closer look at the main features that you can expect to find on rails of this sort.

Metal frame

The frame of a heavy duty rail will be made of metal. Every one of the rails that we manufacture is constructed out of powder coated tubular steel parts welded together. That ensures a frame that is able to support a lot of weight and withstand bumps and bangs.


Given that rails of this sort will hold large and/or heavy loads, castors are essential. You should expect them to be made out of hard rubber, so that they will not buckle under the weight and so that moving the rails is easy for either shop or warehouse staff, even when they are fully loaded.

Shoulder handles

Heavy duty garment rails also often come with handles fitted to the shoulders. The point of them is to make pushing the rails from one part of a warehouse or shop to another easier and to ensure that clothes are not damaged during that process.

Those are the basic features that you can expect to find on a rail designed for heavier and bulkier garments.

Benefits of using heavy duty garment rails

Long lasting

These rails are built to handle heavy loads, so they are the most durable and hard wearing garment rails that you can get. If your warehouse or shop stocks bulkier garments such as suits and winter coats, heavy duty rails made of steel will ensure that they can be stored or displayed for long periods without the risk of the frames bending or collapsing under the weight.

Such rails are designed to last for as long as you’ll ever need them, even when regularly loaded with weighty items. That will save your business money by ensuring that you are not forced to order replacement rails.

Versatile designs

There are a wide range of designs available for heavy duty garment rails. That means you should be able to get ones that suit the layout you have in your shop or warehouse. You can also get ones for different types of garments.

For instance, we manufacture split level rails that are ideal for the storage or display of both longer and shorter garments. Then there are rails with bars that can be adjusted depending on the length or shape of the garments being hung on them. If you have very limited room, heavy duty garment rails that can be mounted on a wall will mean you can avoid taking up floor space.

Effective displays

Bulky items of clothing like winter coats still need to be displayed attractively in a shop if they are to appeal to customers and heavy duty rails are great for that. If placed on the shop floor, they will make it easy for customers to spot these items, while hanging them on rails lets people view the length and style more fully than if they were on shelves.

Essential for high volume environments

Companies dealing with clothing in high-volume environments such as retail outlets, stock rooms and warehouses need fixtures fit for purpose. Out heavy duty garment rails can withstand frequent use, heavier loads and handling during transportation.

Give your business the advantages of garment rails that are engineered with longevity and durability in mind. From castors to the bars and rails themselves, our heavy duty designs are made from materials which can withstand the rigours of daily use. A sturdy frame and reinforced joints offer support for substantial loads without warping or buckling the structure.

Customisable and adjustable

If you can’t find a design that meets your requirements or would like a modification to one of the heavy duty garment rails you see in this range, our team is here to help. Steely Products doesn’t just supply premium quality rails to the clothing and textiles industry – we have been manufacturing steel rails for over 50 years and are here to ensure you receive garment rails which align with your specifications.

You’ll find that many of the designs in this garment rail selection already have adjustable features such as mid bars which can be set in several positions. This gives you a number of options when it comes to apparel on display, or for organising store rooms and warehouses according to clothing type.

Safe and efficient

Thanks to the heavy duty steel we manufacture these garment rails from, you can give yourself peace of mind that your staff will be handling robust fixtures that will not give way under the strain of clothing items. With sturdy casters and a solid, durable frame, you can rest assured that personnel in retail stores, storerooms and warehouses will be able to manoeuvre the rails safely.

Easy transportation and manoeuvrability also add up to efficiency. The mobility of our garment rails makes transport and reorganisation quicker, and features such as locking mechanisms secure rails in place when needed.

Enhance your operations with heavy duty garment rails

An investment in heavy duty garment rails represents an upgrade of your retail clothing operations. Give your business rails with the strength and durability needed for long term use, as well as features which streamline staff activities and add flexibility to your front-of-house displays.

Do you have a question about any of the heavy duty garment rails in this range, or would you like to tell us your requirements for a custom-made rail? Speak to a member of our friendly team at Steely Products today – use the contact form below and we’ll get straight back to you.

Here at Steely Products, we can manufacture bespoke heavy duty garment rails for your business. Use the form below to get in touch with us or place your order.

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