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Heavy Duty Sofa Racks

Steely Products’ heavy duty sofa racks are designed to store and display sofas safely and securely. They hold up to two sofas, one above the other to maximise storage space. We also make racks that hold a full suite of a sofa and two easy chairs. Our sofa racks are designed to hold sofas securely and safely in a retail or warehouse space.

Practical and strong

At Steely, we make material handling and storage equipment that is designed well and made to last. We work closely with the furniture trade to design the best equipment. Sofa racks are extremely practical – two employees can easily place sofas on the racks where they are held securely and safe from falling. The furniture can easily be removed when required.

All our racks are constructed using tubular steel, a material that has something of a lightweight look but is deceptively strong, easily supporting heavy couches. Many furniture sellers and manufacturers rely on our heavy duty sofa racks to keep their sofa storage space organised. The racks require little maintenance apart from an occasional clean and regular safety checks

Flexible design

We have a flexible approach to design. All our equipment can be modified to suit individual end users’ needs. Our racks are fine for most sofas but sometimes there is a sofa that is narrower or wider than average, or it may be an unusual shape. In these cases, we are happy to change the size of our racks or modify them so that they are better for non-standard sofas.

Why choose Steely Products for sofa racks?

There are a number of reasons why our end users prefer us. We have a reputation for quality and reliability that has been formed over the many years since we were founded in 1970. We are a family-owned and family-run business that takes pride in the quality of our material handling and storage equipment. We have a close partnership with the furniture trade to regularly refine our designs and come up with new storage and handling solutions.

We have a knowledgeable and experienced customer service team that deals promptly with issues and concerns. We are passionate about matching end users’ requirements with the right equipment to make storage more efficient and productive.

Like all our equipment, Steely sofa racks are made entirely in house. This enables us to have tight quality controls, making the tubular steel in the racks corrosion resistant, welding joints that stay strong and thoroughly testing the finished product. We welcome visitors to our Manchester workplace to see for themselves our dedication to quality production and design.

As a UK-based manufacturer, we offer short delivery times. All our customer service team is based in the UK and has specialised knowledge of warehouse storage and manual handling equipment.

Speak to us at Steely

If you sell or make sofas, you will certainly benefit from using good quality Steely sofa racks. Speak to us today about heavy duty sofa racks and all the other equipment we can make and provide that will benefit your business.

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