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Heavy Duty Sofa Trolleys

Sofas’ heavy and uneven shape can make them difficult to transport manually. Steely Products’ heavy duty sofa trolleys are the best way to move sofas efficiently and safely. They carry up to two sofas at a time and can be used to store, display or transport sofas.

Made in Manchester for heavy duty use

All our sofa trolleys are made at our Manchester workshop by skilled metalworkers. They are primarily made from tubular steel which is both lightweight and strong. The trolleys are designed to last a long time even when used on a daily basis to move heavy sofas. The tubular steel is powder coated to prevent corrosion.

Designed to work well

We have consulted with the furniture industry to design the best sofa trolleys. Our trolleys are an elegant solution to holding sofas firmly and safely so that they remain stable while being moved by one or two workers. We also make trolleys that can carry a full-sized sofa and two easy chairs at the same time.

Sofas on our trolleys can easily be moved across the workplace to the dispatch area ready to be delivered to customers.

Bespoke sofas trolleys

At Steely, we have tested our trolleys with a variety of sofas so that they work well with most sofa designs. We can modify trolleys to suit individual requirements if a non-standard sofa trolley is the best solution. Talk to one of our engineer designers today and together we can create the ideal heavy duty sofa trolley for your furniture business.

Our sofa trolleys are not made on large inflexible production lines. As they are custom made, it makes it straightforward to make a small number of modified sofa trolleys without the need to retool.

Not just sofa trolleys

At Steely Products, we make a wide range of material handling and storing equipment. If you are primarily interested in purchasing sofa trolleys, why not take a look at the other equipment we supply? We have specialised trolleys that carry mattresses, beds, chairs and large boxed items. Whatever furniture you stock, we have a trolley to move it.

Why choose Steely?

Steely Products is a family-run business that has been making trolleys since 1970, earning a reputation for making equipment that end users rely on. Our customers demand premium quality equipment that lasts a long time under heavy use. They choose us because we perform all production processes in house with strict quality controls. Steel lengths are welded together to make heavy duty sofa trolleys that keep going year after year with little maintenance required.

As a British company, our delivery times are short. Customer service does not end when trolleys are delivered, as we are always here to talk to end users and respond quickly to any queries.

Talk to us today at Steely

Whether you are ready to order heavy duty sofa trolleys, or have any questions about our trolleys, talk to us today. Give us a call to speak to one of the our team about how our trolleys can benefit your furniture business, or use the below contact form.

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