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As a leading heavy duty trolley manufacturer, all Steely Products trolleys are made using strong tubular steel by our skilled metalworkers. They are fitted with quality heavy duty casters to make them easy to move too.

The Steely Products heavy duty trolley range

Steely Products manufactures and supplies a variety of heavy duty trolleys. Some are suitable for general use around a warehouse or storage area, while others are manufactured for specific industries.

There are a number of trolleys suitable for the furniture industries to transport heavy items of furniture, mattresses and smaller items such as cushions and chairs.

The fixed comb vertical cut profile trolley is perfect for transporting long items.

For the window and door trade, Steely Products has a variety of trolleys suitable for safely carrying window frames, glass sheets, and doors.

For warehouse and general storage areas, we have created a number of trolley solutions for picking and packing items. Double shelf trolleys can transport small to medium items, and trolleys can also be fitted with a variety of totes and boxes for small and irregular shaped items.

The Steely Products inclined sack trolley is ideal for transporting tall, heavy items.

Bespoke heavy duty trolleys

All Steely Products heavy duty trolleys can be made in nonstandard sizes suitable for special requirements.

If none of the our range of heavy duty trolley are suitable for your material handling requirements, don’t worry – we can design and manufacture a bespoke trolley. We can come to your workplace to observe and analyse your material handling needs, then design and manufacture a prototype trolley especially for your business.

If you have an idea for a bespoke trolley, a rough sketch and summary of your idea are all that is needed for a Steely Products designer to create a prototype.

Once you are happy with the prototype, Steely Products can manufacture and supply you with small or large quantities of your personalised heavy duty trolleys.

Why choose Steely Products?

Our heavy duty trolleys are designed for busy workplaces and will give many years of trouble free service.

As heavy duty trolley manufacturers and suppliers since 1970, we are a family-run business based in Manchester. All processes are done in-house, from preparing the tubular steel, to powder coating and dispatch.

We both manufacture and supply heavy duty trolleys and other material handling equipment. As we do not use wholesalers or distributors, our prices are competitive, lead times are low and delivery dates are reliable. At Steely, we take pride in our customer service at every step.

All Steely Products equipment is the result of great design skills and a focus on quality. Our heavy duty trolleys have been developed by talking to end users. We listen to their suggestions for improvements and incorporate them into our designs.

As the leading heavy duty trolley supplier, we are passionate about our products and love to talk about them, so why not call Steely Products today to discuss all your material handling requirements?

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