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Heavy Duty Warehouse Trolleys with Steps

Steely Products is the premier manufacturer and supplier of heavy duty warehouse trolleys with steps. Our trolleys are manufactured at our Manchester location by expert metal workers, who use sturdy tubular steel and strong casters that make it easy to move the trolleys.

Heavy duty warehouse trolleys manufactured by Steely Products are designed for many years of heavy use.

What makes heavy duty trolleys with steps so useful?

If some items stored in your warehouse or storage area are on high shelves, or order pickers are not tall enough to reach high items, then heavy duty trolleys with steps are the ideal solution.

When using the steps, the trolley is immobilized, then can easily be moved when the steps are not in use. The warehouse trolleys with steps come with two shelves but can be modified for more shelves.

Heavy duty trolleys with steps are suitable for a wide variety of businesses including libraries, offices, manufacturers, online retailers – any area where small items stored on high shelves need to be picked quickly.

Bespoke trolleys

The standard Steely Products heavy duty trolley with steps comes in a standard size with two-shelf areas. Any nonstandard size or modification can be made to order.

If you have a particular work practice that the standard heavy duty trolley is unable to serve, Steely Products can create a bespoke solution, especially for your business. We can come to your premises to observe your operations first hand. Steely Products will then create a prototype trolley.

Once you are happy that the prototype heavy duty trolley with steps is right for you, small or large quantities of the trolleys can be manufactured.

If you have an idea of how you would like your trolley modified, a simple sketch or summary of your ideas is enough for our designers to work on. Bespoke trolleys built by Steely Products need not be expensive.

About Steely Products

Steely Products is a family-run business that has been manufacturing steel trolleys and other material handling equipment since 1970 at our Manchester manufacturing centre.

We both manufacture and supply heavy duty steel trolleys. We supply the end user directly and do not use wholesalers or distributors, which provides several benefits: costs are competitive, lead times are short and delivery dates are reliable.

Steely Products’ material handling equipment has been developed by talking to customers to find out how our products can be adapted to the requirements of particular industries. We manufacture equipment especially suitable for the garment, window and furniture industries.

The Steely warehouse heavy duty trolley is built to work well and last, and offers a versatile solution for use in areas where items are stored at heights.

Talk to Steely

If you need warehouse trolleys, talk to an expert at Steely Products. We are passionate about trolleys and are happy to supply the perfect trolley solution for your item picking needs. Steely Products Trolleys are designed to make your warehouse or store organised and more efficient.

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