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Mattress Display Racks

At Steely Products, we are the top UK manufacturers and suppliers of mattress display racks and stands.

Our mattress display racks are manufactured from high-quality sturdy tubular steel. Many are fitted with strong casters that make them easy to move.

The Steely Products mattress range

We have worked closely with the furniture industry to produce display racks, stands and trolleys especially suitable for displaying, storing and moving mattresses.

For rolled mattress display and storage, the Steely Products roll mattress rack is the ideal solution, while mattress and bed stillages are designed to display and store mattresses and beds.

The bulk mattress mover can display mattresses and has strong sturdy casters to make them easy to move, and the heavy duty bed trolley can easily transport beds and mattresses in storage areas or on the retail floor.

Bespoke designs

All Steely Products mattress display racks and other mattress handling equipment can be adapted and modified to suit the requirements of individual businesses. They can be made in any size, or modified to form a new design.

We can come to your workplace to observe how you need to store, display and move your mattresses. Steely Products expert designers can create a bespoke solution especially suitable for your needs. Small or large quantities can be manufactured to your specifications.

From designing a prototype to producing the finished products can be done in a short time period. It is not expensive to manufacture small or large quantities of your bespoke mattress racks.

Why do end users prefer Steely Products?

Steely Products have been manufacturing and supplying high quality and heavy duty mattress display racks and other material handling equipment since 1970. Steely Products pioneered the use of tubular steel in material handling equipment construction when other manufacturers were still using wood and plastic.

We are a family-run business based in Manchester. All manufacturing and supply processes are done in house by our expert metalworkers, from preparing the tubular steel, powder coating to dispatch. Steely Products controls all stages of the design, manufacture and supply process to make sure that all the products we manufacture and supply are of the highest quality.

Steely Products prefers to deal directly with end users and does not supply wholesalers or distributors. In partnership with end users, we are constantly refining and improving our products so that they are the best in the market.

We work closely with the bedding industry and make sure that our mattress display racks are the best quality, and built to last even when heavily used.

We keep our prices competitive, have short lead times and provide reliable delivery dates. Our customer service team is dedicated to providing the best service to all end users.

Time to talk

Talk to one of our friendly dedicated team about your display and storage needs. We are happy to discuss the best solution for displaying mattresses on display racks and stands, and are happy to modify any of our designs to suit your particular circumstances.

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