Packing Tables

At Steely Products, we design, manufacture and supply a range of packing tables. Our tables are made from strong tubular steel and are built to last in busy warehouses and storage areas.

In warehouses and areas where a large volume of orders are prepared for dispatch, businesses need strong tables that they can rely on. Steely Products’ packing tables are made from high-quality tubular steel and have sturdy tops and shelves that are designed to carry heavy loads with ease.

They can be used as packing stations, warehouse admin desks, or temporary storage equipment.

The Steely Products range of packing tables

We stock a wide range of packing tables designed to meet the needs of dispatch areas. The standard packing tables come in a variety of sizes and have a strong wooden top and a wooden lower shelf.

Bespoke tables

Any of Steely Products’ standard packing tables can be made to custom sizes.

Casters can be added if the table needs to be regularly moved, and we can supply many types of totes and boxes for the efficient sorting and carrying of items.

For areas of low light, lights can be attached to the packing table.

If none of the Steely Products packing tables are suitable for your particular packing operation, a custom bespoke design can be created. Expert designers from Steely products can visit your workplace to observe your packing systems. If you have an idea of what you need, then a brief description or rough sketch is enough information to start your design.

After you approve the prototype design, small or large quantities of the packing tables can be produced at reasonable cost.

Why businesses rely on Steely Products

Steely Products have been designing, manufacturing and supplying packing tables and material handling equipment at our Manchester workshop since 1970. Our expert metalworkers produce equipment with the philosophy that everything they make works well and lasts.

Steely Products deals directly with end users rather than operating with wholesalers and distributors. This has the advantage that we are constantly talking to end users to find out exactly what equipment they need. Our designs are refined and developed by listening to end users.

As well as packing tables Steely Products manufacturers garment rails, trolleys, storage equipment and specialised handling and storage products for the garment, furniture, and window trade.

All our products are developed in partnership with the companies and workers who use them every day.

By controlling the entire manufacturing and dispatching process, Steely Products can keep prices low, keep lead times to a minimum and provide reliable delivery dates.

We’re a family-run business with friendly staff dedicated to high customer service.

Talk to us today

Whatever your packing table requirements are, talk to Steely Products about your needs. We can supply you with the best packing table to make your pick and pack operation organised, efficient and within your budget.

At Steely, we take pride in the quality of our products and how we look after our customers, so why not order from us today?

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