Pick and Pack Trolleys

Steely Products has a range of well-designed and quality-built pick and pack trolleys. If none of these quite match up to your requirements, we can modify any design or create a bespoke item especially for your business.

Design philosophy

The Steely Products design philosophy is to create well-designed products that work well and are manufactured to last a long time.

The pick and pack trolley range is designed to make picking and packing operations more efficient and organised. Trolleys are made from premium quality coated tubular steel that is welded by our expert metalworkers. Strong swivel casters make it easy to move and manoeuvre the trolleys.

Many trolleys to choose from

Options we offer include:

• Flat trolleys with a bottom shelf, suitable for general use to carry a wide variety of products.
• Trolleys with lights can be used as inspection trolleys or in low-light areas.
• Tote trolleys have an angled top shelf that is suitable for carrying tote boxes. The inbuilt clipboard is a convenient place to hold paper documents.
• The Purple Trolley with Boxes has two lower shelves to hold multiple picking boxes and is especially useful for smaller items.
• The Purple Trolley 2 Cut has steps attached to make it easier to pick high stored items.

Bespoke solutions

If none of the standard range of Steely trolleys is exactly what your business needs, a bespoke solution is the answer. Any trolley can be manufactured to a custom size. Add as many tote, picking boxes or wire baskets as you need.

If you have irregularly shaped items that require a bespoke solution, a member of Steely Products’ design team will visit your workplace to observe and analyse your picking and packing processes and then come up with a design solution.

You may already have an idea of what you need, in which case a drawing or summary of your ideas will help our designer.

Back at our Manchester base, skilled metalworkers will construct a prototype pick and pack trolley. After this has been tested by your workers and the design fine-tuned, the finished trolleys will be delivered.

Why trust Steely Products to make your pick and pack trolleys?

At Steely, we have been making manual handling and storage equipment since 1970. We are a family-run business dedicated to making well-designed and well-built products. Steely only supplies directly to end users without using wholesalers or distributors. This means that we are in touch with end users and regularly receive positive feedback about the quality of our products.

Many businesses rely on Steely Products for their pick and pack trolleys because they know that the trolleys are designed to work well and last a long time. Trolleys are value for money products that will not let you down under heavy use. Users know that customer service is exceptional, with Steely team members happy to respond to any queries.

If you want to order pick and pack trolleys or need help in deciding which is the best trolley for you, contact Steely Products today.

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