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Making Moving Furniture More Efficient

If you are operating either a warehouse or retail outlet for the furniture industry, then having well-built and reliable racks and trolleys for storing and moving heavy items will be essential. From beds to sofas, many of the items sold by this industry are large and weighty, and that can present challenges for both storage and display.

Here’s a selection of our products for handling furniture, all of which are market proven and established in best practice. If you are trying to increase efficiency, increase organisation or just display products better, Steely has the answer. If you have any warehousing questions regarding items of furniture – just call Steely.

We offer a range of furniture trolleys and racks for different items, including the following ones:

Heavy Duty Sofa Racks

This range of racks is constructed out of the hardest-wearing tubular steel, as with all of our products. These racks have been designed and built to hold two sofas of standard size, with one held safely on a level above the other.

The idea behind this is to allow both shops and warehouses to make the most of their available space, and you will find these racks to be the sturdiest and safest on the market.

Heavy Duty Sofa Trolleys

Sofas also frequently have to be moved around, whether it is between floors of a furniture store or within a warehouse. The weight of them can make that difficult, but not if you buy our range of Heavy Duty Sofa Trolleys.

Each of them has been fitted with castors made out of special hardened rubber, so you will find it no sweat at all to transport these large items from one place to another. The trolleys also easily support two sofas at once, saving you time.

Mattress Display Racks

Beds are another big item of furniture that can be awkward to move, store or display. However, our range of Mattress Display Racks offers the ideal solution to that problem.

These tubular steel racks are designed for both warehouse storage and shop display purposes, and have wheels for ease of movement.

Bespoke Racks and Trolleys

Unlike many other companies, we manufacture all furniture trolleys and racks at our Manchester base. Therefore, we can design and then build bespoke models for you, if the existing ones are not quite the right size for your beds and sofas.

We will come to your warehouse or shop and work out a design that fits your requirements before our trained metalwork team welds them together from scratch. This tailored service gives us an edge on our competitors.

We serve both large and small businesses and have been doing so successfully for over 50 years. Contact Steely Products right away to find out more about the different steel furniture trolleys.

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