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Picking Trolleys

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Step & Go

Step and Go Picking Trolley

Fold & Go

Fold and Go Picking Trolley

Fold & Go Traditional

Fold and Go Traditional Picking Trolley
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Projects we have worked on...

Projects (2)

Clothing mail order company

For this clothing mail order client, we provided them with a step-and-go picking trolley to help speed up the client’s picking processes.

Working with hanging garments, the rail fitted to the step-and-go design allowed the client to maximise its efficiency, increase productivity from its staff and make its warehouse environment more flexible.

Fold-and-go Traditional Trolley

On this occasion, the trolley in question has been designed to pick as many orders as possible at once. The client was able to increase its overall efficiency by picking around 20 orders at any given time.

The fold-and-go traditional steps allowed for safe higher racking to be achieved, while our high-quality rubber castors enabled the trolley to both silent and manoeuvrable, while still being highly productive.



Picking Trolleys That Will Speed Up Your Processes

Perfect for clothing and retail warehouses of varying sizes, our selection of picking trolleys at Steely Products features all the efficiency, flexibility and accessibility needed for any storage enterprise.

We’ve got all you need to fully maximise your warehouse operation’s efficiency. Our picking trolleys come in three standard sizes for the steps, handles and chassis, while the trolley itself is typically bespoke to your requirements. You can see these standardised sizes here:

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