Picking Trolleys

Some of the products available.

2-step Folded Up Picking trolley

5 Basket 2 step Picking Trolley

This trolley has 2 folding steps, mesh baskets in fixed position. A very manoeuvrable trolley which is ideal for picking light weight items.


Pigeon Hole Trolley - 2 step

2 step Pigeon Hole Picking Trolley.

This trolley has 2 folding steps and” Pigeon Hole” Compartments . An “industrial” trolley which is ideal for picking small items in one “pick run” with designated order location.


3 Step 2 shelf Picking Trolley

3 step 2 shelf Warehouse Trolley

Strong and versatile this trolley is ideal for “general picking” of all sorts of items. Its sturdy and manoeuvrable…” jack of all trades” Picking trolley.


4 Step Hanging garment Trolley

4 step Hanging Rail Trolley

Made for the Clothing Warehouse this rail brings in flexibility and efficiency. Can be made with up to 4 steps enabling higher racking to used and is made to sustain 24hr hard use.


12 Tote Trolley

12 Box Tote Trolley

This trolley enables operators to pick up to 12 orders at once. The operator has excellent visibility, wheel configuration makes the trolley manoeuvrable. Can be made to hold less Totes, or the shelves can be flat.


3 Tote Picking Trolley

3 Tote Box Trolley

This is an excellent trolley for the smaller operation. The trolley gives easy access into 3 totes at once. Visibility is excellent in crowded warehouses and “spins on a sixpence”.


Narrow Aisle Picking Trolley

Narrow Aisle Picking Trolley

As name suggests, this trolley is for when space is limited. Operators can overtake or pass easily in narrow aisles. Tote boxes slide out both ends. Also popular with Replen situations.


Compact Tote Box Trolley

Compact Tote Box trolley

Ideal for use with archiving room. With minimal footprint this trolley is ideal for moving around paperwork or locating by the desk whilst working out of through out the day.


Pigeon Hole Picking Trolley

Pigeon Hole Picking Trolley

Very light trolley for picking small orders of similar size products. Good visibility with an “at a glance” Compartments can be made to different sizes, Straight front versions are also available.


3 Compartment Put Away Trolley

3 Compartment Trolley

Made from strong mesh within a sturdy frame this trolley is ideal for “dump picking”. Giving great visibility for crowded areas this trolley can be fit with a part work top for paperwork


Bulk Pick Trolley

Bulk Pick Trolleys

Simple and manoeuvrable. Giving the operator excellent visibility of surrounding area, and the contents in the basket. Ideal for large order picks of smaller goods. Can have split basket if required


Small parts trolley

Small Parts Trolley

This trolley has small compartments with sheet steel base – can be fitted with carpet or rubber. Ideal for picking small and delicate components, jewellery or electrical parts.


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