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Quality Warehouse Packing Tables

Our range of sturdy steel warehouse packing tables make the perfect solution for businesses which have to put together large orders to send to customers and clients all over.

Made out of thick, coated tubular steel and hard wood, our range of packing tables will withstand any weight during the packaging process and can also be deployed effectively for both storage and the completion of paperwork.

Our table specification process...

Past projects

Our New Products New Look

High-street retailer

On this particular project, our team worked on behalf of a large fulfilment centre . In this instance, the client requested the ability to be able to pack various different orders in one dedicated area, which our versatile packing trolleys made absolutely possible.

The size of the trolleys resulted in them being wholly suitable for a variety of differently sized products. Thanks to Steely Products’ industry-leading build quality and excellent design, the client will get the most from their packing trolleys for years to come.

International mail order company

Working with an established worldwide mailing brand, our team aimed to help the company increase its packing efficiency through our specialist, top-quality products.

We did this by creating individual packing stations for each employee, fully equipped with cardboard racks, bin holder and midshelves to reduce clutter and maximise productivity. Even on a major scale, every single piece of equipment created by Steely Products is designed to work and built to last.


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Packing Tables for Warehouses

Warehouses that supply department stores and other businesses frequently have to put together large orders so that they can be sent out to these places. To be able to get these orders prepared quickly and efficiently, they require tables where heavy items can be packed up and readied for dispatch without collapsing under the weight strain.

Among the models we have on offer are:

Quality Packing Tables

These come with racks for storing cardboard box parts built onto the top of the steel frame, plus tool and printer shelves underneath. The shelves are made of hard wood, while the main bench is topped with industrial laminate.

This is a multiple-use bench that will be ideal for busy warehouses.

Adjustable Packing Benches

This model offers all of the features contained in the standard Packing Bench, but can also be adjusted to accommodate items of different sizes that have to be packaged up for dispatch.

Eco Tables

Smaller than the other models, this will be a good packing table if you have more limited space. The tubular steel frame stands on four strong legs and there is a wooden shelf for storing tools above the main laminate bench for packing.

Processing Benches

This multi-part bench will allow you to do everything in one place. It has a shelf for a label printer, as well as one underneath the main packing bench that is designed for storing paper, plus a table at the side.

It is a one-stop solution for everything from administration to packaging.

Customised Tables

As we design and construct these and all of our other packing tables at our headquarters in Manchester, it is no problem for us to create customised tables should you need them.

Although we offer adjustable models, sometimes customers need a table that is a bit smaller or larger, or one with castors to allow for easy movement. We will send someone to visit your warehouse and discuss precisely what is needed before working on the design.

We employ a team of fully qualified metalwork professionals to construct every packing table we stock. This combination of high-quality products and personalised service is why we have remained an industry leader since 1970.

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