Some of the products available.

Heavy Duty Mobile A Frame

Ideal for transporting large sheet materials around the factory. The timber slats help prevent scratching or damage.


Static A Frame

For storing sheet materials, this frame is heavy duty and can be forklifted. The surfaces are carpet covered to help prevent damage.


Heavy Duty Glass Trolley

Especially designed for carrying glass, this trolley has an inclined back and rubber strips to help the load remain secure.


Door Trolleys

Available in various widths, these door trolleys save a lot of time and effort. The polypropylene base makes it easy to slide the doors on and off.


Window Fabrication Tables

These are excellent for fabricating window frames. The top bars have soft textile to help stop scratching, whilst the shelves below can be used to store tools and materials. Various fabricating stages of window fabrication are done on these tables.


Vertical Steel Racks

These static racks are strongly constructed and will safely store and organise your long lengths.


Medium Duty Horizontal Cut Profile Trolley

For moving long lengths to the work area, this trolley is perfect. The arms are inclined to help stop the profiles moving around.


Fixed Comb Vertical Cut Profile Trolley

For moving long lengths vertically to the work area, this trolley is ideal where space is tight.


Pigeon Hole Type Cut Profile Trolley

Strong trolley for organising different types of profiles and moving them safely.


V Base Cut Profile Trolley

Trolley with V shaped base for holding angled profiles securely and moving them around the factory.


Heavy Duty Stillage Dolley

Robust dolley for handling long lengths of component. Heavy duty castors to suit your factory floor.



Trolleys built to high quality and safety specifications. Wide range for use in window and door manufacture. Contact us for information on other products not shown. Custom made trolleys available…. direct from the manufacturer

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