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Sofa Racks

At Steely Products, we’re proud to make sofa racks for the furniture industry that are well designed and built to last.

Sofas come in many shapes and sizes and are difficult to stack in an efficient way, which is why we have designed special racks for the furniture industry.

Designed to last and work well

Sofas can be stacked up to three high on Steely Products sofa racks. They can easily be loaded or removed from the racks.

Our sofa racks are made from strong tubular steel which is welded by our skilled metalworkers. The Steely philosophy is to make well-designed heavy duty equipment that works well and will last. Our sofa trolleys are a fine example of equipment that is both functional and strong.

Steely Products manufactures material handling and storage equipment and only sells to end users, not via distributors or wholesalers. This means that we have regular communication with end users who use our products. We recognised that the furniture trade needed a way of storing sofas efficiently and safely, and responded to these needs by developing their sofa racks to meet the exact specifications of furniture manufacturers and retailers.

Businesses have a duty of care for the safety of their workers. Steely sofa racks are a secure and safe way of storing sofas so that there is no danger of them falling.

Bespoke sofa racks

The standard Steely Products sofa rack is suitable for storing most sofas. The racks can be adapted for larger pieces of furniture or ones with unusual shapes. All manufacturing of the racks is done at Steely Products’ Manchester base and it is a simple, yet skilled procedure for our metalworkers to make racks that are a different size to the standard ones.

If a user wants a rack suitable for a particular range of sofas, the rack design can be modified. A designer will visit your workplace to look at your sofas then create a bespoke design. After a prototype has been manufactured and approved, any number of bespoke sofa racks can be fabricated for you.

The design and manufacturing processes are done in-house so that the time between the initial design consultation and delivery of the finished bespoke sofa racks is short.

Why choose Steely Products?

Steely Products is a family-run business that has been making equipment using tubular steel since 1970. We have built a reputation for designing and fabricating top quality manual handling and storage equipment. All processes from the coating of the tubular steel and welding, to sales and delivery are done in-house and equipment is delivered directly to end users.

We have a close relationship with end users, whose feedback is an essential part of developing new equipment designs.

Boasting several equipment solutions for the furniture trade, companies rely on Steely Products to produce premium quality sofa racks that help make storage more efficient and organised. Why not talk to a member of the Steely Products team who will be happy to discuss all your storage equipment requirements?

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