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Sofa Trolleys

Sofas can be difficult to store, which is why Steely Products has designed and built specialist sofa trolleys for the furniture industry.

Well-designed and long-lasting

There are two fundamental requirements the furniture industry needs for its manual handling equipment. Firstly, the equipment must be designed so that it functions well, and secondly, it must be made to last a long time.

Steely Products only sells to end users and not through wholesalers or distributors. The advantage of this is that the company communicates frequently with its users and this level of customer feedback influences equipment design. Sofas are heavy and awkwardly shaped. Standard warehouse flat trolleys or sack trolleys are not the best solutions for sofas. In consultation with the furniture industry, we designed our sofa trolleys to make sofas easier to move.

The trolleys also make it safer for workers as there is no danger of the sofas falling off and causing injury. Sofas can be transported without putting undue strain on operators’ bodies that could lead to musculoskeletal injuries.

Sofa trolleys are made from heavy duty tubular steel by expert metalworkers. The philosophy of Steely Products is to make excellently designed equipment that is built to last.

Bespoke solutions

Steely Products’ sofa trolleys are suitable for most sofas, but sometimes a business requires a bespoke solution. As we manufacture each trolley at our Manchester base, it is easy to change the dimensions of the trolleys to accommodation nonstandard size sofas.

If you need a redesigned trolley, a Steely Products designer can come to your workplace to look at your manual handling operation. Following a discussion with management and users of the equipment, the designer will create a prototype bespoke sofa trolley to test out. Modifications to the design may be needed during the testing phase, after which a few or many of the bespoke sofa trolleys will be manufactured and delivered.

Since all design and manufacturing processes are done in-house, the whole process from initial consultation to the finished trolleys does not take long. By not using third parties like wholesalers to sell equipment, Steely Products keeps the prices competitive.

Why buy your sofa trolleys from Steely Products?

Steely Products was established in Manchester in 1970 and has a long history of manufacturing high-quality equipment. Many industries including the garment trade,
window and door manufacturers, and busy warehouses rely on Steely Products to supply manual handling and storage equipment of premium quality.
All manufacturing and sales are conducted from our Manchester base. We only deal directly with end users, which means that delivery times are reliable, prices are competitive and our after sales service is top class.

Steely is a family-run business that is passionate about customer service. Before making purchasing decisions, have an in-depth discussion about your needs with a member of the team., or visit our workplace to see how our equipment is made.

If your business stores and moves sofas, contact Steely Products to discover how our sofa trolleys make moving sofas a more organised and efficient process.

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