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Steely Products is a hugely experienced supplier that both makes and sells storage racks.

Our storage racks are suitable for a wide variety of uses. We also make specialised racks for the window, door, furniture and clothes trade.

All Steely Products racks are fabricated by our expert metalworkers from strong tubular steel. They are designed by our in-house designers and are built to last even when used for heavy items.

The furniture trade needs to store mattresses, sofas and other large items, so it’s just as well that there are Steely Products storage racks made to store these specialised items.

The window and door trade needs equipment to store heavy window frames, glass sheets and large doors. Likewise, Steely Products makes storage racks to meet the exacting requirements of the window and door trade too.

Whether your storage needs are for long and narrow metal pieces, or large, wide king-size mattresses, Steely Products has a rack to fit the job.

Bespoke solutions

The standard range of storage racks are suitable for most storage jobs in many business sectors. Any storage rack can be made in customised sizes, or have casters added to make moving the rack easier.

Sometimes, a business has more complex storage needs that cannot be met by a standard storage rack. In these cases, the Steely Products customised solutions team is the answer.

A designer/engineer will visit your storage facility to see your storage issues first hand. Following a discussion with your managers and the people who will be using the storage racks, a bespoke, tailor-made storage rack will be designed. A prototype is then constructed for you to approve. Once you are happy with the design, large or small quantities will be made at our Manchester base and delivered to you.

The bespoke design process takes a short time and costs are very reasonable.

Why choose Steely for storage needs?

Steely Products is a Manchester-based family business, and one that has been a storage rack supplier since 1970. We deal directly with end users without the need for wholesalers or distributors. This means that we both manufacture and sell storage racks.

We regularly talk to end users about their storage , and our racks have been developed after listening to precisely what the users of our products require.

Our customers demand that our storage equipment satisfies three criteria: firstly, they want storage racks to work well, to make it easy to store items. Secondly, they want high quality construction. Lastly, they want storage racks to last, particularly when used every day for heavy items. Our racks deliver on all of these requirements.

As we control the whole process of manufacture, packing and delivery, we can offer a great service. The cost of storage racks is competitive, lead times are short and you can rely on our delivery times.

Talk to a member of our team to discover how Steely Products can meet your storage needs so that your warehouse or storage areas can be more efficient and organised.

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