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For storage trolley manufacturers, look no further than Manchester-based Steely Products.

Steely manufactures and supplies high-quality storage trolleys suitable for a wide number of uses. All our storage trolleys are manufactured from strong tubular steel with sturdy casters. They are designed to work well, and are built to last in busy warehouses and storage facilities.

Specialist storage trolleys

Our specialist storage trolley range includes bed trolleys especially designed to safely and easily transport beds and mattresses. Other items made for the furniture industry include headboard and table trolleys.

A Steely Products sack trolley has widespread uses and can carry a variety of heavy loads.

Bespoke storage trolley manufacture

Steely storage trolleys are adaptable for a wide variety of loads. Any standard storage trolley can be made to a custom size, so if your business has unusually shaped items that need storing and moving on trolleys, then the Steely Products bespoke design service is what you need.

One of our expert product design team can visit your workplace to analyse your storage trolley requirements. You will probably have an idea about how a bespoke storage trolley should function. After observing your work processes and after detailed discussions about your requirements, the designer will get to work on designing and building a prototype storage trolley.

After you are happy with the prototype design, small or large quantities of your storage trolley can be manufactured. The process from initial discussion to finished trolleys takes a short amount of time and prices are reasonable.

Why buy from Steely Products?

There are many storage trolley manufacturers, but businesses find that there are several advantages in using Steely Products.

Steely Products controls the whole system from design, preparing the tubular steel to expertly welding the finished trolley. All processes are done in house at Steely Products Manchester base.

Steely Products deal directly with end users, rather than use wholesalers, agents or other third-party distributors. We keep talking to our end users to find out exactly what the need from storage trolleys and develop our range in partnership with our customers. Supplying directly to end users also means that prices are competitive.

We have a long history of making storage and material handling equipment. We started in 1970 as a pioneer in the use of tubular steel to manufacture storage trolleys.

To this day, Steely remains a family-run business with a reputation for a high standard of customer service.

Talk to us today

Give us a call today, or arrange a visit to our Manchester base in order to meet our expert team of designers and metalworkers. They can show you how every product we build is put together with care and attention, making such it’s the best it can be.

Busy warehouse and storage areas need to be run efficiently. The equipment you use needs to be a product of good design and expert British craftsmanship. Steely Products is a leading storage trolley manufacturer and will provide the equipment you can rely on to serve you for many hard working years.

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