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Storage Trolley Production

Steely Products’ storage trolley production facility in Manchester manufacturers a range of top quality storage trolleys suitable for a wide range of uses in retail, warehousing and beyond.

All Steely storage trolleys are manufactured using strong tubular steel and sturdy castors. They are designed to work well, are easy to use and will last for many years of heavy use.

Our storage trolleys range from standard type sack trolleys, to ones designed for specialist products such as mattress and bed trolleys, headboard trolleys, table top trolleys and cushion set trolleys.

Bespoke storage trolleys

If, having looked through the Steely Products storage trolley range, you do not find anything that meets your exact requirements, our bespoke team will find a solution for you. Any standard trolley can be made to a custom size, or if your requirements are more exact, a designer will visit your workplace to observe your storage operation and suggest a bespoke storage trolley design.

You may have a rough idea of the design of your bespoke storage trolley. A rough sketch or an outline summary of what you need is usually enough for a Steely Products designer to work on a design. A prototype design will be made for you to test out in your storage area. If it is satisfactory, small or large quantities of your storage trolleys can then be manufactured.

As Steely Products controls all the manufacturing inhouse, lead times from prototype to finished storage trolleys are short, and prices are reasonable.

Why Steely Products should be your material handling partner

Storage trolley production has been carried out by us at our Manchester base since 1970. We have a long association with businesses requiring storage and material handling equipment.

Steely Products manufacturers and supplies storage trolleys directly to end users and does not use wholesalers or distributors. This arrangement has the advantage of us being able to discuss products with end users on a regular basis. Conversations with the people who use our storage trolleys every day has meant that the trolley designs have evolved to satisfy the exacting needs of workers that use them, preparing us well for the future.

With decades of history, we were a pioneer in using strong tubular steel to manufacture material handling equipment when other manufacturers were relying on wood or less strong metal for their equipment. This has resulted in a range of material handling products that are notable for their strength and ease of use.

Steely remains a family-run business and prides itself on an extremely high level of customer service. We welcome visitors to our Manchester storage trolley production facility, where our expert metalworkers will demonstrate how they make quality equipment that is designed to last.

Supplying directly to end users means that we can keep our prices down too.

Whatever type of storage trolley you need, talk to Steely Products first. Ask for a no-obligation trial of our storage trolleys to discover how we can supply you with the right equipment to make your storage facility more efficient and organised.

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