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Steely Products is a leading manufacturer and storage trolley supplier.

From our base in Manchester, we manufacture strong quality storage trolleys suitable for the storage needs of most industries.

As well as the standard Steely Products sack trolleys, we produce a number of specialist models. For the furniture industries, there are storage trolleys for moving and storing headboards, beds, cushions and chairs. For the window and door trade, there are Steely Products glass trolleys and door trolleys aplenty.

All Steely storage trolleys are manufactured from strong high-quality tubular steel and use sturdy casters to make them easy to move. Our storage trolleys are made to exacting standards so that they work well and will last a long time with heavy use.

Bespoke storage trolley supplier

Although we supply a wide range of trolleys suitable for many operations, your business may have specialist requirements that cannot be accommodated with a standard trolley from the Steely range. In these cases, we can provide you with a bespoke storage trolley.

If it’s just a case of having a trolley made in a custom size, this can easily and quickly be manufactured by the Steely Products team.

If your material handling and storage requirements are more specialised, we can visit your business premises to look at how you presently store and move items. A Steely Products expert designer, after extensive observation and discussions about your requirements, will go ahead and design a bespoke prototype storage trolley. Try the prototype out for a while and, when you are satisfied that it is exactly what you need, we will supply as many of the bespoke trolleys as you need.

Steely controls the whole process from preparing the tubular steel, to expertly welding the metal parts, and taking care of the despatch. This ensures that all our bespoke designs are of the highest quality and are completed quickly and professionally.

Make Steely Products your material handling partner

Steely Products has been manufacturing and supplying storage trolley and other material handling equipment since 1970. There are many storage trolley suppliers, but none have the high reputation we do. This is because we only deal with end users, and not wholesalers, agents or other distribution methods.

We develop equipment through talking to our end users to find exactly what they need from material handling equipment. The workers who use Steely Products storage trolleys every day are the best people to gather feedback from.

All Steely equipment is developed in partnership with our end users. As we supply users directly, prices are kept low, lead times are short and delivery times are reliable.

Steely Products equipment is available to try before you buy. Have equipment delivered to your workplace to see how it works before purchasing.

Time to talk

Steely Products is a family-run business dedicated to excellent customer service.

Talk to us today about your need for storage trolleys. Better still, make an appointment to see our Manchester workshops where our expert metalworkers will demonstrate their skills in producing the finest material handling equipment.

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