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Strong Clothes Rails

Steely Products manufacturers and supplies strong clothes rails for the garment and retail clothing industries.

The strong clothes rails we make are manufactured from high-quality tubular steel. Our heavy clothes rails are designed to work well and last a long time, with sturdy casters enabling the rails to be easily moved by hand.

Strong clothes rails of all kinds

We manufacture a wide range of strong clothes rails.

• Two tier-rails have an adjustable mid-bar that can adapt to long or short hanging.
• The tall archive rail is especially useful for hanging long garments such as prom and wedding dresses.
• A split-level rail hangs long and short garments on the same rail.
• The seven-tier rail is designed to separate hangers and is especially useful behind the till for storing returned items.
• The tote box rail incorporates a tote box and can be used for picking and packing, or stationed behind the returns desk.
• Easi-store rails are designed to easily stack together when not in use. The high exhibition Easi-store rail is designed for exhibitions and pop up shops. It folds up when not needed.
• For moving large quantities of garments, the Z-style rail has handles that both protect the clothes and make them easier to move.

Bespoke rail service

Most garment manufacturers and clothes retailers will find strong clothes rails made by Steely Products suitable for their needs. Sometimes a user finds that a standard Steely Products clothes rail does not exactly match their requirements. In this case, our bespoke service is at hand.

Any standard Steely Products strong clothes rail can be made in a custom size, or one of our designers can visit your workplace to analyse your storage and moving procedures. After in-depth discussions, the designer will create a prototype strong clothes rails for you to try out. Once satisfied that the prototype is exactly what is needed for the job, Steely will make any number of bespoke clothes rails for you.

The process from initial discussion, to the delivery of the finished strong clothes rail, does not take long and prices are competitive.

Why choose Steely Products?

Steely Products have been manufacturing material handling and storage equipment since 1970 at their Manchester base. Steely Products is a family-run business with a reputation for excellent customer service.

Steely Products manufacturers and supplies equipment direct to the end user without needing wholesalers or distributors. Our strong clothes rails have been developed in partnership with the garment industry. By talking to the people who use our clothes rails every day, we have developed a range of strong clothes rails that are precisely what end users need.

All Steely Products clothes rails are manufactured entirely at our Manchester base. By dealing directly with end users, we make sure prices are kept low, lead times are short and delivery times reliable.

To discover how Steely Products’ strong clothes rails can help keep your workplace efficient and organised, talk to one of our team today.

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