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Sturdy Packing Benches

Steely Products manufactures and supplies top quality sturdy packing benches.

In busy warehouses, especially those dealing with online sales, it is vital for businesses to organise their picking and packing systems so that orders are handled and dispatched speedily. Sturdy packing benches from Steely Products are an essential component of an effective packing operation.

The Steely Products mission

The mission of Steely Products is to manufacture equipment that works well and lasts. All our benches are made from strong tubular steel, with heavy-duty wood tops, and will last for many years.

The tables come in various sizes and can also be supplied with totes and boxes to handle smaller items.

Bespoke packaging benches

If your business has a particular packing bench requirement that is not met by a standard Steely Products packing bench, we can design a bespoke one for your business.

A Steely Products designer will visit your workplace to observe your current packing system then discuss a bespoke solution. If you have an idea of what you need, a sketch or outline summary of your ideas is enough to start the design process.

You may want to add lights to your benches or castors so that the bench can be moved easily. Your Steely Products designer will discuss all the available options.

After a packing bench design has been agreed on, a prototype will be supplied and, if it meets your needs, small or large quantities of your custom made packing benches will be supplied.

We manufactures equipment in-house at our Manchester workshop. This keeps costs low and saves time. The process from initial design meeting at your workplace, to the delivery of the finished bespoke sturdy packing benches, is quick and cost-effective.

Why businesses rely on Steely Products

Steely has been manufacturing material handling and storage equipment in Manchester since 1970. We were pioneers in using strong tubular steel in all our equipment when competitors were using less sturdy materials.

Our skilled metalworkers produce high-quality equipment that is made to last.

We only supplies end user and do not use wholesalers, distributors or other third parties. This means that we are constantly in touch with users of our equipment and have regular discussions about product design. Steely Products’ designs are developed in cooperation with end users, the people who use the equipment every day. This is why businesses rely on Steely Products to create the best quality equipment.

Steely Products controls the whole manufacturing process and does not outsource any of the work. Our expert metalworkers start with preparing the tubular steel, then cutting and welding it to form material handling and storage equipment that users trust.

Talk to Steely Products

Steely Products is a family business that provides excellent customer service. If you have not traded with Steely Products before, give us a call to discuss your equipment needs. We can even arrange for a sample study packing bench to be delivered to your workplace so that you can test out our claim that they are expertly designed and built to last.

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