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Suite Display Stands

Steely Products makes and supplies suite display stands for the furniture industry.

Suites with lounge chairs and sofas take up a lot of space, are heavy, and are not easy to store or display efficiently. Their weight requires strong storage and display equipment.

Steely Products suite display stands are made from top quality sturdy tubular steel that is designed to support heavy suites and is built to last a long time. Steely suite display stands can efficiently display suites in two tiers to save space.

Steely Products suite display stands have been designed in partnership with the furniture industry, and we only supply directly to the end user. This means that the people who use our equipment everyday talk about their experience using it. Designs are modified in response to user feedback so that our designs perfectly match the exacting requirements of our users.

Bespoke service

Suite display stands can be modified to suit individual needs. Steely Products controls all the manufacturing process in our Manchester workshop, which makes it easy to change designs quickly.

A Steely Products designer can visit your work premises to view your display and storage operations first hand. Should we identify that a standard Steely Products suite display stand is not the best solution for your business, the designer will discuss all the design options.

A prototype custom design will be manufactured for you to try out. If satisfied with it, low or high quantities will be supplied to you. The time taken from the initial design discussion to supplying the finished bespoke suite display stands is quick, and prices are very cost effective.

Why choose Steely Products?

There are a number of reasons why businesses in the furniture trade prefer Steely for their storage and material handling equipment.

Steely Products is a family business based in Manchester since 1970. Our policy of manufacturing in-house and only supplying directly to end users has several benefits for our customers. Cutting out wholesalers and distributors means that prices are kept low.

Our skilled metalworkers control the manufacturing process from preparing the tubular steel to securely welding the steel to form suite display stands. This ensures quality work and equipment that is designed to last a long time even when supporting heavy suites.

By frequently talking to the end user, we gain valuable feedback on how our equipment performs under heavy workloads.

Our commitment to quality design and the bespoke design service makes sure that all equipment supplied meets the exacting demands of our end users in the furniture trade.

The Steely Products team provides excellent before and after sales support.

Test out Steely Products’ equipment

If you are not sure about the quality of Steely Products suite display stands or any of our other storage and handling equipment, you are welcome to arrange a visit to our Manchester base to see them manufactured.

We can even lend you a suite display stand for you to test out in a ‘try before you buy’ arrangement.

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