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Tote Box Trolleys

Steely Products manufacturers and supplies tote box trolleys.

For busy pick and pack operations, businesses need strong and reliable trolleys with tote boxes that can carry smaller items.

Steely Products tote box trolleys come in a variety of models and sizes. They are made from sturdy tubular steel with high-quality castors to make them easy to move. Equipped with a top and bottom shelf, they are able to carry several tote boxes.

There are different tote box models to choose from, including open tops and ones with lids.

Bespoke tote box trolleys

Steely Products tote box trolleys are suitable for many businesses that want the best equipment for their picking and packing operations. Tote box trolleys can be used with or without their tote boxes and can be made to a custom size.

Some businesses find that their needs are not met with a standard Steely Products tote box trolley. In this case, the Steely Products bespoke service can design a customised model for you.

A Steely Products designer will visit your workplace to examine your current picking and packing operation. The designer will discuss all the options for customising a tote box trolley. If you have your own ideas, a sketch or design outline is useful.

After a design has been agreed on, a prototype tote box will be manufactured for you to try. Once you are satisfied that the trolley fits your needs, you can order small or large quantities of your bespoke trolley.

As Steely Products does not outsource any of the design or manufacturing processes, the time taken from the initial design discussion to the delivery of the finished trolleys is short, and the cost is kept short too.

Why Steely Products?

Many businesses rely on and trust Steely for their material handling and storage equipment.

Steely Products was established in Manchester in 1970 and has a reputation for producing well-designed equipment from tubular steel that is built to last.

The expert metalworkers at Steely Products prepare the tubular steel and weld them together to make strong equipment. All manufacturing is done in-house to make sure that the highest quality standards are maintained.

Steely Products is a tote box trolley manufacturer that only sells directly to end users without the need for wholesalers and distributors. This enables us to communicate with the people who use our products every day. Form their feedback and suggestions, we modify our designs to make sure they meet the exacting demands of our customers.

Steely Products is a family-run business that maintains very high before sales and after sales customer service standards.

Contact Steely Products

If you need reliable and long-lasting equipment to make your pick and pack operations organised and efficient, then talk to Steely Products about how our tote box trolleys can help you.

We can supply you with a tote box trolley to try out before you purchase so that you are convinced of their high quality and strong construction.

The Steely Products team is available to discuss all your material handling and storage needs.

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