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Trio Trolley Manufacturer

Steely Products is a trio trolley manufacturer that makes well-designed items that are built to last.

Steely trio trolleys are made from strong tubular steel and castors that enable operators to easily move fully-laden trolleys. The top and shelf areas are built from sturdy wood, and the trolley is designed to easily carry light or heavy items in busy working environments.

Steely Products trio trolleys are ideal for pick and pack operations, for moving goods from storage areas to the shop floor, or for transporting goods to dispatch areas. For handling smaller items, tote boxes can be supplied with your trio trolley.

Bespoke service

Steely Products manufactures trio trolleys in-house at its Manchester base, and it is easy to have your trio trolley customised. A trio trolley can be made in any size to your specifications.

If the Steely Products standard trio trolley does not fit your exact requirements, the Steely Products bespoke service can design a trolley especially for your workplace. Book an appointment for a Steely Products designer to visit you. Describe your trolley requirements, provide a written summary of what you need, or create a simple sketch of your ideas. After the designer has precisely understood what you need, a prototype trio trolley will be manufactured for you to try out. If you are satisfied with it, or a have some modifications, then your bespoke trolley design will be completed, and small or large quantities delivered to you within a short time.

None of the manufacturing processes are outsourced, so we are able to keep costs down. You may be surprised at how cost-effective a bespoke trio trolley is.

Why businesses rely on Steely Products for their trolleys

Steely Products is a trusted trio trolley supplier to many companies in a wide range of industries.

We have been making trolleys, material handling equipment and storage equipment since 1970. All our trolleys and other equipment have been designed in partnership with end users – the people who use the equipment every day.

Our expert metalworkers fabricate the trolleys to the high standards our customers demand. All manufacturing is done in-house and visitors are welcome to see for themselves how our metalworkers build products to exacting high standards so that the equipment will last under constant heavy use.

Steely Products is a family run business with high customer standards. We listen to the concerns and suggestions of our users to ensure that Steely equipment is the best it can be.

To ensure quality and keep costs to a minimum, we believe in dealing directly with the end user without a warehouse or distributor as the middleman.

Talk to us today

If you need top quality trio trolleys or other equipment, talk to a member of the Steely Products team, or book a visit to our Manchester base where we manufacture and supply trio trolleys.

We can lend you a trio trolley to try out so that you know that it is a quality product that can make your storage area more efficient and organised.

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