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Steely Products is a profession trolley designer, manufacturer and supplier with decades of experience.

We design trolleys constructed from strong tubular steel, ensuring they perform well and last a long time. Strong efficient castors mean that the trolleys are easy to move even with heavy loads.

Steely has a number of trolley models to suit most material handling needs. Small shelf trolleys are suitable for carrying objects on the top or bottom shelf. They can be supplied with tote boxes, while box trolleys come equipped with small boxes to carry and sort small items. We even design trolleys with ladder attachments to enable workers to easily pick items from high shelves.

Steely makes specialist trolleys for the furniture industry. These include sack trolleys, chair trolleys, bed trolleys, tabletop trolleys, cushion seat trolleys and bed trolleys.

For the window and door trade, our heavy duty glass trolleys, window frame trolleys and door trolleys are absolutely ideal.

Bespoke trolley designer

If you need trolleys to carry small items, long items or heavy ones, Steely Products probably has a suitable trolley. Any trolley can be made in a custom size.

Sometimes, a standard Steely Products trolley design is not quite what a business needs. In this case, a bespoke trolley can be designed. A Steely Products designer will visit your workplace to see first-hand how you are currently handling and moving items. The designer will then discuss trolley design options and present one or more design solutions.

A prototype trolley will be designed and delivered to you to try out. The prototype may need modifying. until you are satisfied with the design. It will then be manufactured for you in small or large quantities.

All trolleys are built at Steely Products’ Manchester base, which makes the time from design to finished product short. As we manufacture and supplies directly to you with no middleman, costs are kept low.

The benefits of using Steely Products

Steely started in 1970, and has over 40 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing material handling and storage equipment. Our equipment is designed and developed in partnership with our end users. We do not use wholesalers or distributors, and by dealing directly with end users, we can regularly discuss with them what they need from a trolley.

The people who use our trolleys every day are understandably demanding and want trolleys designed to meet their exacting requirements. As a leading trolley designer, Steely Products is trusted to produce well-designed trolleys that work well and last a long time.

Steely is a family business that insists on top class customer service. Our team welcomes feedback and receives many positive testimonials from end users.

Talk to Steely

If your business needs strong reliable trolleys designed to make your operations more efficient, talk to us at Steely Products. We will supply you with suitable trolleys, or custom design ones especially for your handling needs.

You are welcome to come to our Manchester workshop to see the quality of our trolleys. Alternatively, we can lend you a trolley to try out before you order.

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