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Vertical Steel Rack Manufacturer

Steely Products is a leading vertical steel rack manufacturer, having been making the items since 1970. We only use top quality tubular steel, which our expert metalworkers fabricate to form racks that are designed well and built to last.

Our vertical steel racks are suitable for storing a range of items. We offer specialist racks such as ones designed to hold long lengths of steel and, for the furniture trade, racks suitable for storing rolled up mattresses.

Bespoke vertical racks

Steely Products specialises in designing racks for individual customers’ needs. Any of our standard racks can be made to custom sizes, or you may need a bespoke designed rack if you have non-standard items that need storing or displaying on vertical racks.

Invite a Steely designer to your workplace to observe how you handle and store your goods, and explain to the designer why your current racks are not the best for the job. If you have a solution in mind, make a rough sketch or write a summary of your design ideas.

Our designer will go back to our base and create a prototype vertical rack for you. Test it out, and if happy that it fits your requirements, small or large quantities of the racks can be manufactured for you.

All manufacturing is carrying out at the Steely Products Manchester workshop. This saves time so that the whole bespoke service from initial consultation to the delivery of the finished bespoke racks does not take long. The price charged for your racks depends on the specifications, but you will probably be surprised at how cost effective the service is.

Why so many businesses rely on Steely Products

Steely Products manufacturers storage and material handling equipment, and is a vertical rack supplier trusted by many businesses. Vertical racks and other equipment are manufactured using excellent quality tubular steel, and none of the manufacturing process is outsourced. This results in unbeatable quality control throughout all stages of manufacture.

We only supply directly to the end user, and we have long relationships with the people who use our equipment every day. We talk to our end users about their requirements and use their feedback to help design or modify products.

We can lend your business vertical racks to try out. If the rack is not quite right for you, tell us and we will change the specification for you.

Above all, we are a family-run business that believes in excellent customer service. Our end users rely on us for short lead times and firm delivery dates.

Talk to us

Speak to the team at Steely Products to discuss how we can help you. We are not just a vertical steel rack manufacturer, but offer a wide range of handling and storing equipment – trolleys, racks for the garment trade, pick and pack equipment, and inspection tables.

All equipment manufactured and supplied by Steely Products is designed to work well in busy work places and will last a long time.

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