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Steely Products is a warehouse equipment manufacturer that supplies businesses with material handling and storage equipment that makes it easier to organise busy warehouses.

Our warehouse equipment is made from strong tubular steel and is designed to work well and last. We are a warehouse equipment producer of trolleys, tables, garment rails and racks. For the furniture and window trade, Steely makes storage and moving solutions that can handle large or oddly shaped items.

For warehouses that store a lot of items that need dispatching, we have many pick and pack work aids and trolleys that can make the whole process easier.

Bespoke service

With so many different items of warehouse equipment, most businesses can find the equipment they need. Equipment can be made in custom sizes, so if you find that Steely Products’ equipment does not fit your exact specifications, we can design a bespoke solution.

A designer will visit your warehouses to see for themselves what your operation needs from warehouse equipment. After sharing ideas with you and discussing design concepts, the designer will go back to our Manchester base to design and construct your tailor-made equipment.

A prototype model will be delivered to you to try out, to which there may be some modifications required. After you are completely satisfied that the equipment is right for you, small or large quantities of your equipment will be manufactured.

All design and manufacturing is done in-house, which makes the bespoke service fast. Costs are reasonable to fit in with your equipment budget.

Why choose Steely Products?

Steely Products has been a warehouse equipment supplier since 1970. We pioneered the use of making equipment from strong tubular steel when our competitors were using weaker materials.

We do not use wholesalers or distributors; by supplying directly to end users, we make sure that our products meet their exacting requirements. Over the years we have gathered lots of feedback from customers. We have modified designs and created new ones based on suggestions from end users.

Steely Products is a family run business committed to excellent customer service, competitive prices, and short lead times. You can rely on our commitment to firm delivery times.

Our expert metalworkers make sure that everything they build is top quality and strong enough to last a long time under heavy use. Excellent design and durability is the Steely Products mission.

Talk to us

Talk to a member of the Steely Products team to discuss how we can help you with your warehouse equipment requirements.

You are welcome to visit our Manchester base to talk to us and to see firsthand the quality of our warehouse equipment. No matter how big or small your operation is, we can find an equipment solution for you.

If you are still not sure about the value of our equipment, ask to borrow equipment to try out in your workplace before you buy.

Find out how your warehouse operation can be made more organised and efficient by using the best equipment – speak to Steely Products today.

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