Warehouse Garment Rails

Steely Products manufacture and supplies warehouse garment rails. We’re aware that the garment industry sells items of many shapes and sizes, and needs a versatile range of warehouse garment rails to store and display their clothes.

All Steely Products garment rails are made from strong welded tubular steel with strong casters that make them easy to move. Varieties include:

• Two-tier rails with an adjustable mid-bar so that you can store short and long garnets on the same rail
• A single-tier rail with quality casters suitable for heavy use
• For long dresses such as prom and wedding dresses, the tall archive rail stores this valuable stock safely
• The split-level rail with a single curved rail on two levels to display both long and short garments
• A seven-tier rail perfect for hanger segregation and short items
• A tote box rail containing a box for small items, suitable for behind-the-counter use
• Easi-store rails, which are easy to store together when not in use
• The Z-style rail with shoulder rails that act as handles and protect garments from colliding with other objects
• The Easi-Store exhibition rail can easily be assembled and dismantled without the need for tools, making it ideal for exhibition use and pop up shops.

Bespoke service

Any Steely Products garment rail can be supplied in custom sizes. If you have storage requirements that are not suitable for standard Steely Products warehouse garment rails, a bespoke garment rail could be the solution.

A Steely Products design engineer will come to your workplace to discuss what you need to store and move. They will create a bespoke design solution especially for you. After a prototype has been tested to your satisfaction, small or large quantities will be manufactured and delivered.

All the design and manufacturing process is done in-house, which saves time and costs and ensures excellent quality.

Why choose Steely Products for your warehouse garment rails?

Steely Products has been manufacturing and supplying warehouse garment rails in Manchester since 1970. We also make trolleys, tables, pick and packing equipment, and other material handling and storage equipment.

We supply equipment directly to end users. We frequently talk to our users in the garment industry for feedback about our products. In this way, we improve and develop new products influenced by suggestions from users.

The manufacturing process is conducted in-house by our expert metalworkers who make sure that every piece of equipment they make is designed well and built to last.

Controlling the manufacture and supply process makes sure that lead times are short, delivery times are kept and prices are competitive.

Steely Products is a family-run business whose friendly teams provide excellent before and after sales service.

Let’s have a conversation

If you use warehouse garment rails, contact Steely Products for a discussion on how top-quality garment rails can benefit your business. You are welcome to visit us in Manchester to see how we make garment rails, or ask to borrow a rail or two to try them out before buying.

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