Warehouse Packing Equipment

Steely Products is proud to manufacture high-quality warehouse packing equipment.

In a busy warehouse, you need to rely on packing equipment that will not let you down, and that is strong and well designed. Many businesses trust Steely to supply them with sturdy warehouse packing equipment that gets the job done.

Our packing trolleys and tables are made from tubular steel to pick and pack small light items, as well as large heavy ones.

Packing trolleys come with sturdy wood tops and bottom shelves. Quality heavy duty casters make it easy to move loads. For small items, trolleys come with tote boxes or rows of small boxes that can be used to sort products. Document holders free up the worker’s hands to pick items.

Trolleys with built-in steps make it easy to pick items stored on high shelves, while sack trolleys safely carry bulky goods.

Steely Products has developed trolleys especially for the furniture industry to carry awkward or heavy items such as beds, table tops, and headboards. For the window sector there are trolleys to move heavy duty glass, cut profiles, window frames and doors.

Packing tables come in assorted sizes to fit your packing areas.

Our bespoke service

Steely Products manufactures warehouse packing equipment at our Manchester base. Equipment can be made in custom sizes, and tables can fit the exact measurements of your packing area. If any of the standard range of warehouse packing equipment is not suitable for your exact requirements, we can design bespoke equipment for you.

The first step of the bespoke service is to visit your warehouse, where a Steely Products designer will observe your picking and packing operations and the type of goods your warehouse stores. The designer will then suggest a design solution. You may have a design in mind, in which case a summary or sketch of the design is useful.

After there is an agreement on the design solution, skilled metalworkers will construct a prototype you can use for a while to see if it fits your warehouse operations. After you are satisfied with the prototype, you can order quantities of the equipment.

The bespoke system, from the initial design meeting to the delivery of the finished equipment, is quick and cost-effective.

Why choose Steely Products?

Steely Products has been manufacturing and supplying material handling and storage equipment since 1970. Our extensive experience has resulted in a range of extremely well designed and durable equipment.

We only supply directly to end users and this gives us the opportunity to talk to customers about their experience with our equipment. Customer feedback is vital to developing and refining our products.

All equipment is made from high-grade tubular steel with strong welding joints that make the equipment reliable even when carrying heavy loads every day.

Above all, we are a family-run business priding ourselves on friendly, expert service. Talk to a member of our team about your warehouse packing equipment needs, or visit us in Manchester to see how top-class equipment can make your warehouse more efficient and organised.

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