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Warehouse Garment Storage

The storage of garments is something that many warehouses will have to do, and it must be managed carefully. If they are not stored in the proper manner, garments are liable to tear, crease or stain. Any of those issues will mean that your business has to shoulder the costs of cleaning, repairing or replacing them. That financial burden, as well as the negative impact on the reputation of your business, can be catastrophic.

Therefore, effective warehouse garment storage is vital to your bottom line. And the key to storing them safely is having the right equipment for the job.

Clothing and Garment Rails

Rails are the standard pieces of equipment which are used for storing garments in both retail outlets and warehouses. That is because they enable garments of various lengths to be hung, preventing them from getting creased. The rails should be fitted with castors so that large quantities of clothing can quickly and easily be moved without risk of ripping or staining. They should also have frames that are made of hard-wearing material such as steel, as all of the rails we stock are. Below are some examples of our popular models.

ST01 HD Single Tier Rail

If you want a rail that is simple in design but suitable for garments of varying lengths, then this model will be the ideal solution. It is a single steel rail on castors, but its height ensures that both long and short items of clothing can be draped over it without creasing or other damage occurring.

ST01 HD Two Tier Rail

The difference between this garment storage rail and the single tier one is the presence of an adjustable middle tier. Because that can be moved up and down the main steel frame, it makes the rail a superior choice for storing short garments, but flexible enough to accommodate longer ones too.

ST03 Tall Archive Rail

This particular steel rail is built to hold longer pieces such as full-length dresses. It is perfect for keeping them free of creases during warehouse storage, but also for displaying them in an attractive manner.

ST04 Split Level Rail

Sometimes you may need to store both shorter and longer garments at the same time and in the same place. Our split level rail is created with precisely that scenario in mind. It has a hanging rail that is set at two different heights, meaning shorter pieces can be hung on one end, and longer items on the other end. The tubular steel frame stands on two firm feet, to guarantee that it will support large quantities of garments without toppling and causing damage to them.

Heavy Duty Garment Rails

Alongside our standard line of rails, we also offer heavy duty ones that are suitable for storing sizeable quantities of clothing.

ST08 Tote Box Rail

These rails have plastic tote boxes fitted to the bottom for holding small items of clothing, and for transport to packing areas.

ST10 High Exhibition Easi-store Rail

This rail is designed for quick dismantling when it is no longer required. This means it is a very good choice if your warehouse facility has limited amounts of space, as it can be taken to pieces and put away during periods when it is not needed.

ST09 Easi-store Rail

This is another piece of equipment that has been created for warehouses where the available space is restricted. It is constructed out of tubular steel and consists of a basic square frame on two legs each fitted with castors. Although they cannot be taken apart when not in use, these rails can be stacked up in a corner or a storage room within your warehouse, to ensure they occupy the minimum possible space.

Why select Steely Products for your garment storage needs?

As you can see, we provide a large variety of rails for storing garments in a warehouse or a shop, but that is not the only reason why you should consider buying from us. All of our rails are made from welded and powder coated steel that is guaranteed to last for decades, ensuring that any purchases are long term ones. Plus, our rails are produced on-site, from the design to the manufacturing, so we are able to come up with bespoke designs if none of the existing stock quite meets your needs.

In that situation, one of our team of designers will pay a visit to your warehouse or shop. They will look at your facilities and discuss your requirements with you before creating a suitable design. When that has been signed off by you, our qualified metalworkers will build it for you from scratch. Thus, everyone who buys from us is guaranteed complete satisfaction.

At Steely Products, we have been designing and building durable steel garments rails since 1970. Give us a call today for more information.

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