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As a leading warehouse rack manufacturer, all Steely Products racks are manufactured using top-quality, strong tubular steel.

There are several specialist racks available to help busy warehouses become more organised and efficient. As well as standard racks suitable for general use, Steely Products has a number of specialist racks designed for particular products. The furniture trade uses Steely Products mattress and bed racks, while the vertical steel rack organises and stores long lengths of steel.

All racks can be custom built in any size to fit your warehouse racking needs.

Bespoke warehouse racks

As a warehouse rack producer, Steely Products has been supplying warehouse racks to our users since 1970. During this time, we have developed a number of racks to fit most warehouse needs. Sometimes a business has unusual shaped or heavy objects that need storage equipment. This is when the Steely Products bespoke service is needed.

A Steely Products design engineer will visit your warehouse to discuss your requirements. If you have an idea of how you would like a custom rack designed, a sketch or a summary is enough for the designer to work with. After observing your warehouse system and suggesting design concepts, the designer will create a prototype design incorporating everything that has been discussed.
After testing out the prototype, you may be happy with it, or there may need to be some modifications. Once happy with the final design, you can order small or large quantities of your bespoke warehouse racks.

All design and manufacturing work is done in house which means there is usually a short time between the initial design meeting and the finished product. The cost of a bespoke rack is, of course, dependent on the specifications, but you may be surprised at how cost effective the bespoke service is.

Why businesses rely on Steely Products

In a busy warehouse, you need equipment that you can rely on. The Steely Products philosophy is to build well designed products that will last.

Steely Products was a pioneer in using strong tubular steel to make material handling and storage equipment. Our expert metalworkers are dedicated to providing quality products at competitive prices.

We are a warehouse rack supplier that sells directly to end users, so you will not find our equipment in wholesalers or on distributors’ lists. The advantage of dealing directly with end users is that we can easily talk to them. After using our warehouse racks for a while, users tell us about their experience and can often suggest modifications.

Keeping all the manufacturing process in-house means that we can keep lead times short and stick to firm delivery times. We are a family-run business operating from Manchester since 1970, and our friendly team provides excellent customer service.

Talk to us

If you need warehouse racks, talk to a member of the Steely Products team to discuss the best racks for storing your goods. Visit us to see how we manufacture racks, or borrow a warehouse rack to try out before you buy.

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