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Steely Products is the leading warehouse storage rack manufacturer, and our storage racks are available in several different specifications suitable for a wide range of goods. For the furniture trade, racks are manufactured to hold mattresses, beds, sofa, headbands and more.

Businesses in the window sector use our window and glass racks, while vertical steel racks safely store long thin metal lengths.

Steely Products warehouse storage racks are constructed using strong tubular steel, with heavy duty wood for shelving. All racks are designed to store items safely and are built to last.

Bespoke warehouse storage rack service

In all likelihood, we already have a rack suitable for your warehouse, but any rack can be made in custom sizes. Sometimes, a warehouse holds awkwardly shaped items that cannot be conveniently stored on a standard Steely Products storage rack. In this case, we can design a warehouse rack to fit your exact requirements.

The bespoke process is straightforward – a Steely Products designer will visit your warehouse to find out about your storage requirements. After a discussion in which you and the designer talk about your ideas, the designer will work with our expert metalworkers on designing and building a prototype rack.

Try the prototype out for a while to see if there are any modifications needed. Once you are happy with the design, you can order small or large quantities.

As all the design and manufacturing of bespoke warehouse racks are done at Steely Products’ Manchester base, the process from the initial design discussion to the delivery of the finished racks does not take a long time.

The cost of bespoke racks depends on the specifications, but we keep our prices very competitive.

W610a Vertical Medium Steel Rack

The benefits of Steely Products as your warehouse storage rack manufacturer

Steely Products has been manufacturing and supplying warehouse storage racks since 1970. We have a long history of manufacturing storage and moving equipment, and we only deal with end users and do not supply warehouses. One of the many benefits of selling directly is that this gives us plenty of opportunities to talk to the businesses that use our products every day. Our equipment designs are created in consultation with end users.

The philosophy of Steely is to build the best quality equipment that is designed well and built to last a long time under heavy use. Our expert metalworkers fabricate equipment from high-quality, strong tubular steel. All manufacturing happens at our Manchester base to make sure that every piece of equipment is the highest quality and processes are kept in check.

A family-run business, our team provides excellent customer service both before and after the equipment has been delivered.

Talk to Steely Products

If you have not done business with us before, we suggest that you visit us in Manchester to see how our warehouse racks and other equipment can benefit your warehouse operation.

The right warehouse racks help make your warehouse more efficient and organised. Ask to borrow a rack to try out to see how it can benefit your warehouse operation.

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