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Warehouse Trolley Manufacturer

Warehouse Trolley Manufacturer

Steely Products is a warehouse trolley manufacturer that has been designing and manufacturing top-quality trolleys since 1970.

We know that busy warehouses want the best equipment they can buy to make sure that their operations are organised and efficient. At Steely Products, we make trolleys using strong tubular steel, durable wood tops and quality casters. Our approach to warehouse trolley manufacturing is to design them well and build them to last.

Steely makes several types of trolleys. Pick and pack trolleys are designed to quickly pick items from warehouse shelves and pack them ready for dispatch, while inspection trolleys have a built-in strip light.

Tote Trolleys have tote boxes to transport small items and built-in clipboards for picking slips. Trolleys with boxes have four rows of small picking boxes and document holders, and the Purple Trolley 2-Cut has steps for picking objects from high shelves. Sack trolleys, meanwhile, are ideal for large bulky objects.

We have designed a series of warehouse trolleys specifically for furniture trade warehouses that carry large or awkwardly shaped items such as mattresses, tabletops, headboards and cushion sets.

Bespoke Warehouse Trolleys The Steely Products bespoke service

Though Steely makes a broad range of trolleys suitable for most warehouses, sometimes a business needs a different warehouse trolley. Any trolley can be made in a custom size, or you can have a completely new type of trolley designed.

A Steely Products engineer and designer will visit your warehouse to see how you warehouse is organised and what you have on your warehouse shelves. You may have some idea in mind of your ideal warehouse trolley. A summary of your idea or a sketch is useful. If you are not clear about what you need, the designer will suggest a solution. After an initial design has been agreed on, a prototype trolley will be fabricated at Steely Products’ workshop.

Try the prototype out for a while. You may need some design modifications, but once you are completely satisfied that the bespoke trolley is suitable, you can order however many trolleys you need.

All design and manufacturing process are carried out at our Manchester base, and this means it does not take long from the initial discussion to the delivery of the finished trolleys.

Why businesses rely on Steely Products

Steely Products has a long history of making handling and storing equipment. We only supply directly to end users and speak to them regularly about their experience of using our warehouse trolleys. These discussions inform the development of our designs. All this helps to maintain our reputation for quality products, reliability and fair prices.

We are a rare example of a skilled warehouse trolley producer able to control the entire process of design, manufacturing and supplying. We manufacture quality and reliable products, lead times are short, and delivery times can be relied on. Being a family-run business, we provide excellent customer service too.

If you’re looking for a warehouse trolley supplier, talk to Steely Products, visit our manufacturing unit in Manchester or ask to borrow a trolley to discover if it matches your business needs.

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