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Window and Door Manufacturer Trolleys

The creation of window and door manufacturer trolleys requires the use of materials like wood and glass that must be handled and transported carefully. Glass in particular is vulnerable to damage, but wood is also a material that can easily be splintered or scratched.

Therefore, warehouses and other places where these items are produced need equipment that allows them to make and move the items safely. The equipment must be made of parts that are durable and hard-wearing enough to survive frequent use in busy environments. That is why all of the trolleys we provide are made using tubular steel parts powder coated for extra strength and welded together.

Further information about some of our popular trolleys can be seen below.

Heavy Duty Mobile A Frame

The steel frame of this trolley has also been fitted with slats made out of timber. The purpose of these is to add an extra level of safety when large sheets of glass for windows or doors are being moved from one part of a warehouse to another during the manufacturing process. The slats help to keep the glass in place when the trolley is in motion, to avoid scratches or shattering.

It has four hard rubber castors attached to its base, so moving it is easy no matter what load it is carrying.

Heavy Duty Glass Trolley

This trolley is built specifically for handling sheets of glass to transport them to areas of the warehouse where they will be worked on. The frame is made of hard steel and comes with a back that leans outwards and where each bar has a strip made of rubber attached to it. The incline stops the sheets of glass from tipping over, while the rubber holds them firmly in place when the trolley is being pushed or pulled.

Static A Frame

Whereas the two previous trolleys are for the transporting of sheets of window glass, this one is for storage purposes. Instead of castors, the steel frame is built with four solid feet, so there are no issues with its steadiness. The steel used is ultra-hard-wearing and has been fitted with a covering of carpet to help protect the glass. It can be moved if necessary using a forklift.

Door Trolley

Specifically for moving doors, this trolley has castors for easy transport, while its base is made out of polypropylene. That is a material that enables the doors to be slid onto the trolley and off again very easily.

Medium Duty Horizontal Cut Profile Trolley

This trolley is ideal for transporting lengthy items used in the manufacture of doors and windows from the storage areas to the working ones. For example, it will be ideal for handling window frames. It comes with arms that lean slightly so that the items loaded on them are held securely in place when it is being wheeled from one place to another.

Fixed Comb Vertical Cut Profile Trolley

Lengthy items like frames are loaded onto this trolley vertically rather than horizontally. It will be a good choice if you have limited amounts of space within your warehouse.

Why choose Steely Products?

As you can see, we  sell many different window and door manufacturer trolleys, with these being just a few of them. Everything from the designs to the steel welding is completed on-site, by qualified designers and metalworkers. That has enabled us to develop a reputation for quality and customer satisfaction since our company was started back in 1970.

We are also able to produce bespoke trolleys for window and door manufacturers, if you cannot find what they are looking for within our existing range. Contact Steely Products now for details or order placing.

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