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Work-in-Progress Rack Manufacturer

As a leading work-in-progress rack manufacturer, Steely Products can cater for all your storage needs while work is ongoing.

Work-in-progress items are components that are waiting for completion or needed to complete manufacturing processes. They need to be carefully stored until they are needed.

Steely Products’ racks are made of tough tubular steel and are designed to last in very busy work environments.

The furniture industry relies on our work-in-progress racks, many of which are specialised for different items. Cushion set trolleys store cushions used to finish chairs, while roll mattress racks store rolled mattresses ready to be added to beds. Other racks hold headboards before they become part of a bed.

Window and door manufacturers and fitters use our work-in-progress equipment to store timber, window frames, glass and partially finished doors.

Whatever your work-in-progress storing needs, Steely Products can supply the exact racks you need.

Bespoke service

Steely is a leading work-in-progress rack manufacturer that works out of its Manchester workshop. We control the whole manufacturing progress and can easily customise a rack to your requirements. A rack can be made in any size, and casters can be added to racks to make it easy to move work-in-progress items.

If you want a unique design of rack to suit your manufacturing processes, the Steely Products bespoke service is what you need. A designer visits your workplace to observe your storage processes. The designer will then suggest a rack solution. You may have an idea of what you need, have a written summary or a sketch for our designer to work from.

Back in our Manchester base, the designer and metalworkers will produce a prototype rack that you can use for a while to make sure that it is suitable for your needs. After you are happy with the design, you can order as few or as many of your unique racks as you like.

The process from the initial design discussion visit to the finished racks does not take long, and prices are kept low.

Why should I choose Steely Products?

Steely Products has been manufacturing material handling and storage equipment since 1970. We are your best choice as a work-in-progress rack supplier because we only deal with end users, not wholesalers or distributors. By talking to the people who use our products every day, we make sure that all equipment is the best it can be.

We use strong tubular steel to fabricate racks because of steel’s ability to handle heavy loads. Our expert metalworkers precision-weld the tubular steel to make sure that it is durable and will not let you down through its heavy usage.

Steely Products is a family-run business that believes in top class before and after sales customer service. Many businesses rely on us to deliver top class products that are designed well and built to last.

If you store work-in-progress items, talk to Steely Products about how our work-in-progress racks can benefit your business.

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