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Crew Clothing updates IT to cope with growth

Crew Clothing has introduced Xiatech technology to increase purchase conversions via an omni-channel purchase system.

Appointed the Head of IT at Crew Clothing in 2020, Richard Surman’s primary responsibility involved updating the company’s IT systems to accommodate sales growth as the brand expanded its online presence, opened new stores and established partnerships with prominent brands such as Marks & Spencer.

Upon joining, Surman encountered an ageing Microsoft Dynamics 2012 enterprise resource planning system (ERP) that was challenging to modify or alter. In his opinion, ERP systems pose a significant risk to businesses if they malfunction since it affects operations across all departments. To mitigate this risk, he decided to implement several smaller software applications integrated via Xiatech technology that gather data and connect them seamlessly.

One crucial aspect of this integrated system is enabling customers to make omni-channel purchases. For instance, when purchasing a T-shirt in-store while also wanting a jumper not available at the store, customers can pay for both items simultaneously during checkout. The jumper will then be delivered directly from the warehouse to their home. This system uses a product information management (PIM) module that continuously updates stock availability details.

Fashion retailers of the size where they’re equipped with fully stocked, heavy duty garment rails in their warehouses need to have an IT framework that can seamlessly align customer demands with purchasing convenience to increase sales. Crew Clothing’s present IT infrastructure satisfies these requirements. The company consistently evolves its technology and anticipates replacing the financial system during the summer. As Richard Surman observes, out-of-date technology gets in the way of business growth.

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