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Steely Products is a leading fabrication table manufacturer. The company has been manufacturing tables in Manchester since 1970.

Our tables are constructed using heavy duty tubular steel by our skilled metalworkers and are made to work and to last.

All kinds of tables

Steely Products builds tables of all shapes and sizes to fit a variety of work situations. We build large tables that carry heavy loads, or narrow ones that fit in restrictive spaces. If none of our tables are exactly what you need, Steely Products can modify any design to your particular specifications at little extra cost.

We are also able to build inspection tables with built in lighting.

A fabricated table can be regarded as basic technology, but as a fabrication table manufacturer, Steely Products has elevated the simple table to a high quality item that is designed to provide many years of service in a busy work environment. Our fabricated tables are versatile and can be used for packing, storing, inspecting, sitting on, designing on, or simply as a place to rest a cup of tea.

Bespoke solutions

We specialise in bespoke solutions for our customers and we can come to your work premises to observe your operations, then in partnership with you, we can create tailor made fabricated tables.

Talk about your ideas, or provide a rough sketch and Steely’s designers will get to work on your bespoke solution. You may want lights added to your table, or require it to be populated with boxes or containers to hold items. For convenience in moving your table around the workspace, strong casters can be added.

Not just tables

Steely Products is much more than a fabrication table manufacturer. We create a variety of material handling and storage equipment including picking trolleys and sack trolleys, For the furniture industry, we manufacture shelving and furniture moving equipment. For the window and garment trades, Steely Products has a number of storage and transportation solutions.

Why you should choose Steely Products

Our customers deal directly with us as the manufacturer and we prefer to do business with the end user rather than use wholesalers or distributors. This provides many benefits. By dealing direct, Steely Products can produce strong high quality fabricated tables at cost effective prices.

The input from users means that we constantly develop new and innovative material handling products that fulfil our customer’s exact needs. The result is better design for your money.

We are accountable to our customers who trust us to have short lead times and reliable delivery times for all orders.

Steely Products is a family owned business where all the work is done in house at our Manchester factory, from design, preparing metal through to powder coating.

The motto of Steely Products is “designed to work, built to last” and this sums up our approach to our business.

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Here at Steely Products, we are passionate about our products. Talk to us today about the many advantages of buying directly from us.

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