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Storage Rack Production

Steely Products is a metalwork production company that designs, manufactures and supplies high-quality storage rack equipment.

Many companies rely on Steely Products for their storage equipment. We make specialist storage rack solutions for the furniture and window trade, as well as a variety of storage racks to meet the needs of companies that want to efficiently organise their storage areas.

Whether you need storage racks for large window frames or narrow vertical steel strips, we will have a rack that is suitable for your storage needs. Racks are constructed using high grade tubular steel, meaning they are designed well and built to last.

Bespoke storage racks

Any Steely Products storage rack can be made to a custom size. If the rack needs to be regularly moved, then sturdy casters can be added to make this easier.

If you have storage requirements that cannot be served by the standard Steely Products storage rack range, a bespoke solution can be designed.

A Steely Products engineer will visit your workplace to discuss your storage needs. If a standard storage rack is not suitable, a rack can be designed especially for your storage situation. A prototype design will be constructed for you to test, and once you are happy with the design, small or large quantities of your individualised storage rack can be made at a reasonable cost.

As we both design and manufacture the storage racks, the process from consultation to finished storage racks is a speedy one.

Why choose Steely Products?

Steely Products is a highly experienced storage rack production business. We have been manufacturing and supplying material handling and storage equipment from our Manchester base since 1970.

At Steely, we believe in supplying directly to the end user and do not use wholesalers or distributors. This means that we are constantly in touch with users to discuss how they use our products. All equipment is designed and modified in response to what users ask us for.

Dealing with the end user directly also means that prices can be kept low, lead times are short and delivery dates are reliable.

Steely Products is a family-run business with a reputation for excellent customer service from our friendly customer team. We’re very approachable and we love to hear from you.

The entire manufacturing process of rack storage is performed by skilled metalworkers who make sure that all the storage racks they make are of a very high standard and extremely robust. This is why we use sturdy tubular steel that makes the equipment strong, so that it will last under heavy use.

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Talk to Steely Products today to see how we can meet your rack storage needs. We can also show you our range of other products, including, trolleys, packing tables, garment rails and fabrication tables – all produced to the same high design and build standards.

Why not visit the Steely Products Manchester base to see how we make equipment? If you prefer, we can come to you to discuss all your storage and material handling needs.

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