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Guide to warehouse trolley options

When choosing a trolley for the warehouse, there are several factors to consider: the type, size and weight of items, and the type of operation that the trolley is needed for. Most warehouses need more than one type of trolley design. Below is a guide to the various different trolley options available.

Picking trolleys

Any warehouse that processes orders needs picking trolleys. For large boxes, flatbed or box trolleys are suitable. For picking many small items, trolleys with compartments or tote boxes are useful. Items for individual orders can be carried in tote boxes or pigeon hole trolleys.

Large items in non-standard shapes, such as sofas and chairs, require specialised trolleys to safely move them. Trolleys with garment rails are used to move garments easily and without damaging them.

Storage trolleys

Many warehouses store all items on shelves or racks, but they may also keep some items on trolleys. Lockable wheels need to be part of the storage trolley design so that they are not accidentally moved or left on non-level ground.

Window manufacturers store large panes of glass on A-frame trolleys, which can be easily moved when the glass is needed to manufacture windows or has to be taken to a vehicle for transporting glass to a site.

Narrow trolleys

Many warehouses, especially those owned by businesses that sell items online, are growing and need more space to store items. One way to reorganise the warehouse to add capacity is by increasing the number of shelf aisles, but this may reduce the space between shelf rows. It can be difficult to use standard-width trolleys in narrow aisles, especially when trolleys need to pass each other. The solution is narrow-width trolleys that are easy to move and steer in more confined spaces.

Compact trolleys

Offices and administration areas can accumulate large amounts of documents and files. If they need to be moved between departments, a compact tote box trolley can be used.

Bespoke trolleys

At Steely Products, we design trolleys for a wide variety of uses, but sometimes none of our trolleys are suitable for a particular application. In that case, our expert trolley designers create bespoke trolleys to fit the exact needs of our end users. Invite us to your workplace to assess your trolley needs and discuss the best bespoke design solution. We can create a prototype trolley design for you to try out and modify if necessary before manufacturing the finished designs.


Steely offers various accessories that can be added to the trolley design. These include clipboards and tablet holders. Foldaway steps can be added to a trolley to make it easier for workers to reach items stored on high shelves.

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There are so many trolley designs to choose from, making it difficult to find the right one for your workplace. At Steely Products, we have a team of trolley experts who are here to help. Contact us by phone or use the contact form below to arrange an in-depth conversation about the most suitable trolleys for your organisation.

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