Packing Benches

Steely Products manufacturers and supplies heavy duty steel packing benches here at our Manchester location.

Many businesses need to pack and dispatch a range of items each day, especially if they handle online sales. To efficiently process orders may require a sophisticated software, but it also needs quality equipment for storing and packing items. The warehouse shelving, trolleys, and packing benches get a lot of use and need to be of the best quality.

A cheap, lightweight packing bench will wear out easily and may collapse at a busy time, delaying orders. Steely Products’ packing benches, on the other hand, are built to last for many years of heavy use. To achieve this, they are constructed from heavy duty tubular steel.

The Steely Products packing bench range

Steely Products produces a range of packing benches in sizes suitable for most operations. They are fitted with a strong wooden top and a lower shelf. If the table needs to be moved frequently, it can be fitted with strong castors.

Bespoke packing bench

Any Steely Products packing benches can be made to a custom size to exactly fit in the packing area.

If you require any modifications, such as an extra shelf or inspection lamps, these can easily be added for you.

If you need a truly bespoke packing bench solution, we can come to your workplace and look at your warehouse and storage areas. We will discuss your packing bench requirements and create a prototype packing bench designed for your individual workplace.

Once you are happy with your bespoke packing bench, Steely Products will manufacture small or large quantities of the bench. The whole process from design to delivering the finished benches does not take very long, and you may be surprised at how competitive the price of this service is.

The reason businesses choose Steely Products

Steely Products is the leading manufacturer of packing benches, material handling equipment and storage equipment. All our products are manufactured and supplied from our Manchester base. We control the whole process from preparing the tubular steel, to powder coating and dispatch.

We don’t use wholesalers or distributors, preferring to supply equipment directly to the end user. This benefits the end user through competitive pricing, short lead times, high-quality customer service and reliable delivery dates.

Steely Products is a family-run Manchester based business founded in 1970. We regularly talk to our end users about how they use our products. They tell us about how they store, move, and handle items. We listen to our end users’ suggestions about how our products can be improved, and the results in the creation of new equipment and the development of existing products.

Steely Products uses skilled metal workers who construct well designed packing benches and other equipment built to work well and last in heavy use.

Talk to Steely

The Steely Products team will love to talk to you about how our packing benches can improve the organisation and efficiency of your warehouse packing system. Contact us today for a chat.

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